the panning shot

ex suitor who became the girlfriend of your girlfriend now have babies and is now settled at london. highschool classmate whose soul possessed the body of a dwarf and who used to be the bull’s eye of leprechaun jokes is now inches taller than me. i have no idea how he did it but what used to be a chipmunky voice is converted into deep baritone big brother kind of voice. pretty faces in highschool are now housemoms. some college buddies are now proud moms and dads. some friends will be graduating from their master’s degree. ex groupmate was murdered at their house. person j is now married. person z and p are now in a relationship. mister wholesome virgin is now a father of 3 kids.

when the world beyond your focus seems to move fast, you are viewing your life in a panning shot kind of way.

mr tricycle driver at one of the highways of ilocos, taken years ago.

you know, when time and all the other things around you appears to be zooming in high speed when you appear stationary, that’s picturing your life using a panning shot.

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Anonymous said...

Life can be a drag.
Zooming as the day goes by.
Take it as it comes.

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