the daily subway train ride usually takes only 20 minutes from noho to downtown but the unadulterated feeling of trance that embraced me today made it seem like a 2 hour ride that charged my systems full. the experience was surreal. i suspect the overwhelming feeling of happiness that showers me each morning is responsible for that certain feeling of trance.

i woke up one station away from my stop. sitting beside me is an african-american woman wearing heavily-tinted sunglasses. she cradled a crumpled white plastic bag on the skin of her lap. the vapors coming from her body, her breath, her hair, her clothes- almost everything smelled like pot. my seatmate smells like she’s been sniffing pot non-stop the whole week. she must be high, bobbing her head repeatedly till she reached 7th street.

i must be high, i have been smiling by myself for weeks. i always feel light, high, nasa alapaap.
subconsciously, i bob my head up and down to the songs of the beatles.


wanderingcommuter said...

instant highness... hahaha!

lucas said...

nakakaadik ang pagiging masaya...hehe!

rsdkopeecag said...

heya. :] links ex?

msta na!

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