i never realized that i could still slice the ice with the blades of my skates until i tried sliding on top of it again; only this time, with extra confidence.

for the record, i never slipped or tripped or slammed any part of my body against the ice after skating for almost an hour.

it was highschool since i last played inside the ice rink. blood clots and bruises used to be the trend of my body back then. i often slip, trip and slam against the ice. i fall most of the time.

after almost nine years since i last set foot on ice, i never realized that i could still skate- and this time,better.

i guess some dormant abilities just needs a push of self-confidence and an ounce of willingness to take risks in order to wake them up.

stay inside the ice rink for an hour and it will teach you to move forward. stay on one area and freeze. remain skating along the side rails and you'll miss the fun. succumb to fear, and you will never learn new tricks at all.


lucas said...

YOU SKATE!??? wow! i'm so impressed dude! i am hopeless for this kind of stuff. i have a bad sense of balance..T_T

keep practicing :)

Jerick said...

if you could provide a freaking visual proof to that...

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