baker darko

i never imagined maggie gyllenhaal to be that beautiful link between donnie darko and stranger than fiction.

in both movies, she was involved with characters who were aware of their imminent death. harvard was also attached to her characters in both films. in donnie darko, she played elizabeth darko, donnie’s sister who is about to go to harvard. in stranger than fiction, she is ana pascal, the ex-harvard law school undergrad turned baker who caught the heart of the irs auditor harold crick.

notice how the downward curves on her facial features compliment her beauty. her eyes, her lips, the lines of her face- all of them form an inverted smile that makes her more charming to my eyes.

though riding in car with boys converted me to be a maggie gyllenhaal fan, her performances at stranger than fiction, mona lisa smile and the dark knight made me an admirer.

anyways, here’s my favorite clip from stranger than fiction

i'd go the whole wide world
just to find her.

i'd go the whole wide world
for an autograph and a picture with her.


Anonymous said...

I totally love Maggie in STF since she's hot with her tattoos, and yet she could still act so well as a baker. I mean, most of the time, tattoos and being a baker doesn't really match/compliment each other, but she acted it so well. She's just stunning--her beauty's just, wow.

Anyway, I should watch that Donnie Darko movie.

And that song, I'd go to the whole wide world, drives me crazy. Ferrell sang it so sincerely!

Anonymous said...

i looooove maggie gyllenhaal!
pinakapaburito ko siya sa stranger than fiction!

Anonymous said...

She does have a likeable and respectable aura about her.

Loved her performance in STF.

The roles she play seems to also impose a great deal of how one should move about society.

I'm yet to watch her performance in Dark Knight though

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