before nine

here’s a list of what i’ve been reading at the subway over the past couple of days:

a perfect day for bananafish

uncle wiggily in connecticut
just before the war with the eskimos
the laughing man
down at the dinghy
for esmé - with love and squalor
pretty mouth and green my eyes
de daumier-smith's blue period

those stories were lifted from jd salinger’s nine stories, which is one of my favorite story collections.

the story of teddy just shocked me this morning. what a shocker. i have to write sister irma and esme about it.


lucas said...

jd salinger...i've never heard of him till now. he's style is quite new to me :)

Meryl Ann Dulce said...

I love to read, too.

But I haven't read anything from J.D. Salinger.



bulitas said...

@lucas: try reading these short stories. astig!!

@meryl: hehe. then try reading these short stories. =)

Herbs D. said...

zomg. i remember reading this comics back then.

could you please tell me whats the URL? was it lol

bulitas said...

salinger's nine stories?

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