attack of the grammar nazi

“graduate ka ng up (university of the philippines) pero andami mo pa ding mali-mali sa grammar?! nakakahiya ka!”

(“you are a graduate of up and yet you still have lots of grammatical errors? shame on you!”)
-sentence courtesy of the friend’s boyfriend.

apparently, my friend’s ego was heavily bruised by the boyfriend’s sentence.
it was as if their love and relationship are bounded by the laws of grammar, that a faulty parallelism, a misplaced modifier, a run-on sentence, a lapse in the subject-verb agreement, a distorted sentence pattern, and a misspelled word is a mortal sin.

for the record, i know many people from up who could not even construct a decent sentence.

friend flooded me with rain of rants via ym, occasionally throwing phrases of self-pity and despair.

i silenced the friend with “stop!” a one word sentence.

love is neither invented nor written by strunk and white. it is not about grammar, not about syntax, not about sentence patterns, not about subject-verb agreement, not about spelling, and not about sentence constructions. love is about communication, trust and understanding. no highfalutin words necessary.

i told the friend to leave the judgmental grammar nazi boyfriend for personal peace but the friend would not listen.

the friend is about to finish the masters in media and cultural studies degree at a university in london and also works at abs-cbn as a reporter/correspondent.

the friend’s boyfriend is a philippine based veterinarian, almost ten years senior from my friend who also graduated from the university of the philippines.


Anonymous said...

the politics of good and bad grammar. one thing: people make mistake. it's up to them to correct it. it's called learning.

Anonymous said...

Demanding masyado yung boyfriend nya! Ano naman kung mahina ang gelps nya sa grammar. Dapat tanggapin nya kung sino siya.

lucas said...

hahaha! this made me laugh! haha! meron pala talagang nag-aaway dahil sa wrong grammar. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

the grammar attack of my nazi boyfriend! argh! LOL Me and my boyfriend have these subtle debates about grammar...its never debatable right...? HAHAH!

VICTOR said...

how disgusting! lol.

as i usually say (in defense of a grammatically-challenged date): "who cares if he cant spell 'onomatopoeia'? he's smart enough to know that he likes me." chos.

mikel said...

basta nagkaintindihan, ok na yun :D

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