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obama can learn from arroyo.

"first of all, our president is ahead of obama and probably, i would think that if there's anything to be learned, it should be president obama learning from president arroyo. and wouldn't we be proud to say that the philippines continues to be an 'island of calm' because of the present crunches?"
-philippine executive secretary eduardo ermita’s reply via interview of gma news

is it just me, or most rp politicians are just plain delusional?


ntc requiring license for filipino online content creators.

by online content creator, it means uploading any form of content online. from friendster pictures to bulletins, to facebook and flickr pictures, to blog entries, online games, mp3s and what have you.

the national telecommunications commission (ntc) memorandum, if approved, will require 300php filing fee and 6000php for annual registration. i have no idea about the validity of this claim but here’s a link to the copy of the memo released by ntc. goodluck to ntc about this one. so is the philippines going towards the path of the great firewall of china? this move deserves one major lol


uplb oblation statue to be relocated to pave way for the cas centennial plaza.

but the oblation has been guarding the front of the humanities building for years. i don’t know if the present constituents of the university of the philippines los baƱos find this move symbolic, but for me this ushers the spirit of change, perhaps drastic changes to the university. who knows if the changes will be beneficial or not. but i am certain that huge changes will paint the university a new face.


lucas said...

what the??? hays...they're insane, actually.

change is good i guess but UP is very well known for its traditions, isn't it?

. said...

Humanda na ang NTC sa isang madugong blog war. Ahahahaha.

Kanoko said...

I would want to say it's you, but we all know that them politicians are really just plain delusional, so *shrugs*.

re: NTC license, oh well, they say those only apply to telcos. However, I think the line has not been set clearly enough. And some people have a penchant for bending the law to their favor, which might be dangerous to the bloggers if this wouldn't be clarified.

I...can't really say anything about the LB Oble. I hope, though, that whatever changes made would be for the better.

MakMak said...

On Delusional Politicians:
Even if it were the case, no sensible, thinking person would issue a statement like that. Tsk, tsk.

On NTC's Proposal:
Make it a ROFL. There are so many things that they should focus on. Nobody in their right mind would shell out P6.3K for that. Boo!

Anonymous said...

"first of all, our president is ahead of obama and probably, i would think that if there's anything to be learned, it should be president obama learning from president arroyo.


Then, I realized it's not funny.

VICTOR said...

Re: UPLB Oble.

I am personally dismayed by recent changes in UP, since I quit college a couple of years back. Ang huli kong naabutan eh yung 300 percent tuition increase; nakapagsulat pa ako ng balita nun para sa Kule.

Now my friends are telling me the position of the Student Regent is in danger of being scrapped. If this is "change" that Roman et al calls, I do not want it.

bulitas said...

@lucas:P u pertaining to the politicians? hell yeah.most of them are.

as for the uplb oblation matter, it is not just about tradition, it is more about the matter of change, and all the other changes happening in the university, which, i think, are not beneficial at all.

@mugen: kapag natuloy yan, hunamnda sila haha

@shari: i know right? (shrugs also)

@makmak: they're just milking the public for more money tsktsk

@jeeper: indeed. what a bad joke.

@victor gregor: parehas tayo. yung 300 percent tofi na yun ang huli ko ding naabutan sa UP. nakakainis lang kasi madaming mga pagbabago pero parang walang pakialam ang karamihan. ngayon, nakakatakot na pati student regent eh balak pa nilang alisan. tsk

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