insomniac, searching for that midnight kiss

one reason why most people from the city of angels never really sleep is that most of them have lost a shoe and that they are busy looking for that other one that will complete the pair. they don’t really care whether they find the shoe lying on a deserted parking lot, on a sidewalk, on the freeway, on the trash, on the subway, on myspace, on facebook or on craigslist. people in search for that missing pair still believes in the hope that somewhere, out there, a day or a night out with a total stranger can make a difference, and might as well spark some romance. the world may never realize it, but most of its people are hungry, incomplete, and busy finding their perfect midnight kiss.

in search of a midnight kiss is a witty romantic comedy with a bittersweet symphony playing on the background. this independent film written and directed by alex holdridge makes you want to suddenly establish a connection with a total stranger and then confess something that you haven’t told the world yet.

the instant and seemingly accidental relationship of wilson (scoot mcnairy) and vivian (sara simmonds) from the movie backs up my idea that chance encounters, and a day with a total stranger might actually work. wilson met vivian through craigslist, both of them having issues of their own , and in a day they find out many things about each other until the following dawn where they find themselves in the comfort of each other’s embrace.

the magic of this movie lies on the brilliance of the script. it is fun, light and witty. the characters are charming and real that you can easily identify yourself with them and their dilemmas of finding their special someone in the midst of a city filled with people that does not really sleep, but are continuously looking for their special someone.

the black and white treatment made the movie look timeless as if the frames are series of postcards and photographs from an art exhibit. the movie made downtown los angeles look scenic, classy and beautiful. seriously, most of the frames from the movie would make good stills that you can display at home or on the desktop of your computers.

this movie teaches us to loosen up and accept the fact that shit happens. as the character of vivian said, “come on, give in to the shit storm, get that umbrella and get out there and party…” this movie is about giving yourself and others a chance; a chance to be happy, a chance to move forward, a chance to find comfort, a chance to change.

carpe diem. at the end of the movie, you’ll realize that it’s all about living the moment with each person in your life for every second, things change. according to the movie, people are connected by a very thin thread from each other so might as well enjoy what you have until that thread breaks.


lucas said...

wow...because you gave this a really good review, there's no reason not to watch!!! keep watching and keep writing! :)

parang before sunset ba to???

wanderingcommuter said...

napag iiwanan na ako sa mga ganitong pelikula. tsktsk!

bulitas said...

@lucas: i think it's far from before sunset. medyo parehas ng theme na may bagong twists. but it was good, i enjoyed it. go see it pag pinalabas na diyan. =)

@wanderingcommuter: di yan. i-tap angteknolohiya at mmaglaan ngkonting panahon, mapapanood mo din sila.
=) have a great week ahead. apir!

Anonymous said...

I thought thought In Search of a Midnight Kiss was totally lame and unrealistic. The acting was poor, and the writing was worse. Cheers to all the squirming worms for having empty dreams and paying the price of an empty life for it!

superboi said...

funny comment above. forgot to put his name after giving a negative comment on the movie. oh well, kanya kanyang taste lang ba. hahaha

miss you irvin :D

bulitas said...

oh hi there anonymous! long time no see! glad you pass by my blog again!

to each his own.

sorry to break your daydream about worms having empty dreams and empty lives but i never felt empty after watching the film.

bulitas said...

@superboi: missyou too!!

juanmiguel said...

wish i could get a copy. palawan's deserted.

juanmiguel said...

wish i could see this film. palawan's so deserted.

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