pershing square

you stand at the 4th platform just below the staircase landing on the subway station.

as if replying to my thoughts, you constantly bite and moisten your lips after i wet mine.
most of the time i stare at you. yeah, most of the time while we are on the train. most of the time, especially when your eyes are concealed by your dark chocolate fringes.

my peripheral vision tells me you shoot me with occasional glances.

i love how your big eyes try to remove the fleece hood under my coat. yes, yo do have big eyes. definitely bigger than mine. yours are marbles, mine are almonds.

no, no, this is not our first meeting. i ‘ve been seeing you for months. from spaghetti strap tops to thick dark colored peacoats, i’ve seen you wearing them all.

your cherry red clam phone looks good on you. it compliments your pale white skin.

yes, i am looking at you while writing this on my phone. you know, this small piece of technology sure helps a lot in the absence of paper. you left the train 5 stops ahead of the final stop, my stop.

my lips wave their smile at you as you leave the range of my vision. i know you saw me, your eyes are just shy and hiding. i write this because you fascinate me. somehow you make my evening trips free of stress.

i hope you get the chance to stumble upon my space and read this. i’ll probabaly write this on your favorite spot at the train.

please reply with a smile.




Jerick said...

tell me more amigo. nicely written.

parang yung video ng savage garden lang.

bulitas said...

@curbside puppet: vid from which song?

lucas said...

curbside is referring to the video of the song 'i knew i loved you'...the girl on the train was kirsten dunst..hehe! and i agree :) very well written too :)

Anonymous said...

i do not have big eyes!

bulitas said...

@lucas: saw the vid again. memory refresher to. hehe.

@girl on the train: =p

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