death ends the misery

it is tragic how mr. lupoe could not possibly summon enough strength from anyone except death to help him deal with his problems. the guy just lost his job at a hospital. and probably due to uncontrollable stress and desperation to solve their problems, he killed his wife and his 5 children and then shot himself afterwards.

los angeles — a man shot and killed his wife and five young children before taking his own life tuesday, apparently out of despair after the couple lost their jobs at a hospital, the police and city officials said.
the new york times, by rebecca cathcart and randal c. archibold
published: january 27, 2009

in the philippines, where only the upper of the upper class can actually feel the global economic depression, most people survive the shitrain of life by their innate ability to be happy, by their large and constantly expanding network of friends and acquaintances and by their ability to adapt to any given situation.

the advantage of breathing the air of poverty since birth makes most filipinos immune and equipped against the sudden blows of depression and stress.

thanks to the constant gossips, the daily teleseryes, the non-stop showbiz news, the quick access to beer, porn and the internet, the nightlife, the parties, the beaches, the virgin mountains, the close family ties, the “pautang” (money-lending to neighbors and friends)attitude, the “bahala na” (que sera sera, whatever will be, will be) mentality, and the unlimited supply of sms jokes and inspirational quotes, filipinos are most unlikely to succumb to suicide out of despair.

the close family ties and the sense of community among filipinos make us more resilient in dealing with stress. that’s one thing i love about the filipino culture.

i will never forgot how my elbi community and family saved me from my personal financial crisis. i used to survive a week with only a hundred in my wallet.

as what most people say, life will continuously fuck you screw you while you live. so why not deal with it and fuck life back.

oh well, maybe life is not a good fucker to mr lupoe. maybe life has raped the guy and then he decided he doesn’t want to be fucked anymore so he called death to end his and his family’s miseries.

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lucas said...

this story reminded me of hitler's death...

i totally agree... the close family ties makes things much easier when we deal with grave problems...

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