so you think it can bite?

so you think this soon-to-be rumored vampire movie remake have fangs sharp enough to bite the ass of the recent hollywood flick that captured the hearts and minds of thousands and thousands of teeny bopper fans around the globe?


a contact from the philippine tv network, abs-cbn, claimed that the publicity of takipsilim (filipino translation of twilight) was released and stirred most probably by die-hard fans of stephenie mayer’s twilight and the rayver cruz-shaina magdayao love team.

add to that the publicity gained from the blog post of perez hilton which attracted mixed reactions from various parts of the web, this takipsilim filipino twilight remake has become an instant news among the circle of twilight fans.

aside from the constant bashing and exchange of angstdisgust comments, you’ll find some interesting points such as:

- is hollywood the only one entitled to ruin foreign movies through remakes?

- is there anything original nowadays? (apparently at this time and age, originality is rare. most things are either recycled, repackaged, twisted, borrowed, or made into another form)

- is there hope for the philippine tv and cinema? (yes, there is!)

come on, this is just a badly photoshopped image of shaina magdayao and rayver cruz’s face embedded over kristen stewart and robert pattinson. i don’t think abs-cbn is stupid enough to do a remake while the hype is still up. imagine the height of expectations and the waves of criticisms that will come from the fans. plus, wouldn’t it be too expensive to purchase the rights of doing a remake of a hollywood movie? enlighten me please.


Anonymous said...

what's more stupid than Twilight?

a remake!

Anonymous said...

thumbs down for the remake!

Two thumbs up for your blog :)
I hope could write like that ahehe

bulitas said...

@jerson: LOL boo sa remake! haha
thanks for dropping by!
but of course you can write!

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