in the tales of beedle the bard…we meet heroes and heroines who can perform magic themselves, and yet find it just as hard to solve their problems as we do.
the heroes and heroines who triumph in his (beedle the bard) stories are not those with the most powerful magic, but rather those who demonstrate the most kindness, common sense and ingenuity.
-jk rowling, introduction- the tales of beedle the bard

i finished reading beedle the bard on the train just in time for my stop. the book was an easy read which somehow reminded me of james finn garner’s collection of politically correct bedtime stories because of its take on the themes of death, life, the darkness of humanity, the limits of power and the vulnerability of humans and wizards/witches. i love how ms rowling crafted the fables to appeal to both young and adult readers.

it’s just me, but i find the uk cover of the book more appealing than the us cover.


the night of the all american rejects mini-concert and album signing on hollywood did not end after me and arjei meet and greet the band and got our cd’s autographed. i was fortunate enough to score myself a jean-luc godard collector’s edition dvd set and a f. scott fritzgerald’s the curious case of benjamin button from the virgin megastore. on top of that, i also got a cheap but expensive smelling perfume for the busy holidays. merry holidays everyone!


the interactive website for the movie coralline is one effective way to kill time. see, i got my eyes buttoned. lol


wanderingcommuter said...

oooohhhh. gusto ko ito. available na ba ito sa mga local bookstores?

Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed that Rowling was able to craft such stories. My personal favorite among the five stories was The Fountain of Fair Fortune. It reminded me of the movie Kung Fu Panda. The story tells us that even without magic, we could still reach whatever we want in our lives.

Oh, and I thought the story, uh the one with the hairy heart was too gory for children to read.

me said...

i have rowling's monster book of monster. 't was cool because the pages have notes written by harry and friends. ^_^

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