my early morning bus ride was greeted with lady vampires in gown, pocahontas carrying textbooks, masked adolescent gargoyles, witches of all colors: blonde, green, red and black, adults with colorful clown wigs, sexy white and black ladies, punks in goth outfits, and moms carrying their kids clothed as fairies, animals, and superheroes.

the halloween atmosphere on this side of the world somehow forced those people to wear costumes. for the first time, i felt like an outcast among the community of passengers in character. it was an almost magic-realism morning- people staging their usual acts sans their casual and formal wears.

so to keep my attention away from my costumed companions, i plugged in my zune’s earbuds and retreated on my personal space having the cary brothers, deathcab for cutie and up dharma down on the playlist. but lo and behold! the wild scream of a child in tantrums ruined the music in my personal bubble. the kid burst into tears and screams as he protested against his mother.

“why? don’t you like your costume? it’s perfect!” said the mother.

“no!!!!!!!” screams the child.

“but your piderman costume fits you very well.”

“but i don’t wanna be spiderman! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

“see, everything fit right on you.” the mother replied ignoring her child’s wail.

“i dont wanna be spiderman!”

“ok, what do you want?”

“i want my own shirt and clothes. i want to be me.”

it then made me wonder if kids do really appreciate birthday and holiday parties thrown for them by their parents.


Anonymous said...

i never really liked celebrating my birthday(s). i just don't see the point celebrating it. buhay naman ako ng 364 days sa isang taon, anong pinagkaiba nung day na yun sa 364 na iba pa diba? :D

at mga magulang lang naman ang mapipili sa mga ganyan... kaartehan. heheh :D

wanderingcommuter said...

matatalino na ang mga bata ngayon...

lucas said...

"i dont wanna be superman. i wanna be me."

i think he had no idea that he just quoted the one of most fundamental personality principle of being person...


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Arresting.

Pero diba halloween? Kung magiging siya siya, hindi na pwedeng pang-trick or treat. :P

bulitas said...

@samantaha: yun ng ahe. minsan di naman talaga gusto ng mga bata (lalo na ng mga maliliit na bata edad 1-4) yung mga birthday parties

@wanderingcommuter: sinabi mo. pero meron din namang mga paurong ang pag-iisip na mga bata.

@roneiluke: hear! hear! to that!

@kevin: well, maybe the kid does not recognize halloween itself which then excludes him from the society celebrating halloween, therefore having the right to rant about his spiderman costume. LOL

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