scotch tapes and xrays

unless you think you live in a vacuum, you should be more careful in using scotch tapes on your home, school or office projects. researchers from the university of california in los angeles (ucla) have recently found out how peeling scotch tapes could emit x-rays.

scotch tape. it turns out that if you peel the popular adhesive tape off its roll in a vacuum chamber, it emits x-rays. the researchers even made an x-ray image of one of their fingers.

the leading explanation posits that when a crystal is crushed or split, the process separates opposite charges. when these charges are neutralized, they release a burst of energy in the form of light.

now that’s an amazing discovery that could help provide affordable medical x-ray tool for the underprivileged.

with some refinements, the process might be harnessed for making inexpensive x-ray machines for paramedics or for places where electricity is expensive or hard to get

back in the days, me and some of my friends brand those people who jumps from one relationship to another as scotch tapes. scotch tapes and dangerous; they don’t just ruin your skin when they peel off from you to jump to another surface, but they also emit x-rays that can mutate you if absorbed in huge amounts.


lucas said...

woah! this is a really cool trivia :)

and i love how you comapared those who jumps from one relationship to another to scotch tapes! ahhahaha! ingenious :) hahaha!

wanderingcommuter said...

wow interesting... this made me pull off most of the scotch tape rings i have!!! hahaha

dak/james said...


iont think you can xray a patient tho in a vacuum chamber... hahaha...

owell, x-rays aren't really that dangerous although we were always told that MRI is safer compared to other xray and CT machines for they doesn't emit radiation. weird.

Anonymous said...

panakip butas
tsk tsk


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