reading holden caulfield while travelling on a subway train can be amazing and depressing at the same time. amazing because i found out that i can relate to most of his thoughts about life and how the world is dominated by phonies all living their superficial lives.

depressing, because the fact that the world is not just about you and your thoughts and how you want things to go your way, that you only keep most of the things you feel and think to yourself, and that your hope of a better society is such a utopian and farfetched idea if most of the people remain apathetic as they are, will all dawn to you in one huge blow.


Unknown said...

Which movie had this antagonist who collected copies of this Salinger book?

Anonymous said...

the first time i held that book in my hands was in fifth grade when our reading teacher thought it was great to squeeze in ideals into our brains.

i loathed it and never opened that book ever again.

Anonymous said...

this book killed me.

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