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the colors of nature were desaturated during that morning ride at the bus with the student activists. people were all in fire to go to their destination. on the other hand, me and one of my closest high school girlfriend were anticipating our visit to elbi.

the bus dropped us down to the rural elbi.

before the acres of rice fields could greet me a not-so-good morning, i shouted “iskolar ng bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!” on the top of my lungs

seconds later, i heard the echoes of uproar from the bus, red flags waving from the windows, painting the air with the burning spirit of nationalism.
then off we head to the gate of elbi.

a scruffy-looking guard in blue uniform halted us and asked for our identification. i told him that i am an alumnus of the university but he gave me this skeptic look of an old, sex-deprived andropausal male.

“i.d. pls!” he said.

so i rummaged the contents of my wallet but the id was nowhere.

i reached down the pockets of my pants and caught the plastic identification in between my fingers.

“here’s my id, it’s blue you see?”

after a minute of scanning that piece of plastic, he let us pass, but he shot us another sharp look before he halted another person passing through the gate.

as my highschool girlfriend clutched on to my right arm, i run fast to catch the shoot of juday and sam milby’s movie. it was a new movie production set in the muddy area of the ricefields. i just forgot the title it must have been judy and milby in the mud. i am not exactly sure. something like that. anyways, up to now i am not quite sure what was there to rave about juday and milby’s new movie. maybe it was because of the leak i got somewhere in the internet that juday’s character will be a pig wallowing in the mud that transforms into a human. something like that. more like angel locsin in lobo, but this time, the animal transformation is a pig.

we braved the pools of mud and went to the group of people that more likely appeared to be shooting the film. we were running like crazy as if we were persons who have repressed our pee for two days, looking for a place of comfort, when a group of 3 women who looked like corazon from marimar sprang in front of us.

“no more shooting. sam milby is outta here, yah know!” said the center woman who resembled the size of big bertha (you remember the logo of the big bertha bakery in the philippines?)

“you guys better get back” said the other big momma-like lady

“excuse me ladies, we are in a hurry!” i said.

“no, you can’t pass. milby’s outta here!” said the third lady.

“but i don’t care i have to pass. for all i care, juday could still be there you know!”

then my high school girlfriend pushed a way in between them and we ran as fast as we could from the huge boulder-like ladies.

as we are bout to cross another ricefield, my sister emerged somewhere and waved at us, showing us the way to the shoot. i think juday was still there.

so we ran. we ran and ran and ran like mad dogs excited to see judy ann turn into a pig. then i woke up. what a bitch. i never saw the pig. my head aches this morning, i swear. it was one of the most awful nightmares that i had in my life. more awful than me in a power ranger suit battling aswangs and mananananggals.

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