the fourth alitaptap inter-college storytelling competition

The National Library and Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines

invite all college students to

The Fourth Alitaptap Inter-College Storytelling Competition


Registration Period: June 9-July 16, 2008

Orientation/Workshop: June 14, 21, 28, July 5, 2008

Executive Lounge, TNL

Elimination Round: July 25, 2008, Saturday


Auditorium, TNL

Final Round: July 26, 2008, Sunday


Auditorium, TNL


The contest is open to all college students enrolled during the competition period.

For registration and details, please contact Percy or Bing

Phone nos. 0917.539.2630, 535-4689

Email us at

please forward to all students, schools, colleges and universities


please do repost this in your blogs or do tell your friends about this.

when i saw this on my friendster bulletin, this morning, memories of a storytelling competition long buried below the depths of my consciousness re-surfaced and reminded me of how chicken i was back then.

it was fifth grade in primary school, the sky was desaturated, the air was cold and biting, and as far as i could remember, i was scared. my teacher brought me to that storytelling competition at the national library. my task was to tell the story of ang pagong at ang matsing (the turtle and the monkey) to the judges, to the audience, and to the other contestants. although it was not my first stage presentation, the phantom of stage fright possessed me that day and made me forget most of my lines. i am still trying to recall what exactly happened. it was either i became a chicken and backed out on the last minute or i performed but i totally screwed up. my fifth grade self was preoccupied with lots of issues, and i think those issues hindered me from delivering the story and at least putting up a good fight against my competitors.

if i would be given the chance, i would love to go back on that moment and seize the opportunity to tell the story.


desperateblogger said...

hi bulitas, thanks for the hop and the comment. kids are really amazing. sometimes i wish adults can have the same unwavering-childlike faith. peace

Anonymous said...

wala akong talent sa pagbabasa ng kwento. para kasi akong monotonous na radio. haha.

Anonymous said...

im a terrible story teller, i can't even explain myself!

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