meet maraka

aps, thanks for sharing me this video.
this made my day.


Jaja said...

i think maraka is cuter than dora.hehe.dora needs a new hairstyle,she should get hairstyle tips from maraka

L.A said...

Lintek na Maraka-ng yan pirated version ni Dora...iclick daw ba ang snow ball at iquestion ang free will ni Mittens Bwahaha!!

Unknown said...

Well there you go! I'm glad that most of you guys are blogging again. Its either that or I've been so holed for a very long time that I haven't noticed how the rest of the world rotated.


bulitas said...

@ jaja: iknow. haha. scrap dora out the boob tube! maraka is the bomb!

@la: haha. nag aadik kasi siya

@momel: hey there! it's been a while! it's great to hear from you again! cheers! hapinuyir!

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