today’s reply

god gave me an answer and she said “no!”
for a minute, her caramel coated eyes nailed me on the seat. each of her rounded eyes slowly formed the letters n and o as they scanned me for answer. i took me a while to break away from her charm to present my set of arguments. beads of sweat attempted an escape from my skin but they were blocked by her commanding presence in the room.

her simple answer instantly drove away the mist of hope left in me and knocked down my wandering senses.

for a minute, she gave me her parting smile and told me that i can never serve two masters at the same time. her pursed lips conveyed to me that she was someone who would not settle for somebody who just considers her as a fallback.

she was polite enough to tell me that my communication skills highly qualify me for the position, but my possible performance in the future stifled her from accepting me under her turf. as my ego slowly billows down to pieces, plato’s principle of injustice came to mind.

there is injustice in doing multiple tasks.

plato may be right. i cannot do one job without compromising (in some levels) the other. early this morning, my dream of earning extra cash to save for my dslr dream evaporated with the cold air inside the interview lounge. maybe i am not yet ready for doing a regular eight hour job plus a night job.

today, god told me that i am far from being an omnipresent and multi-tasking god.
today, god told me that for now, i cannot be a call center agent.


Anonymous said...

Was this the one that you told me you went to the last time?

I guess there would be other opportunities. :)

Anonymous said...

goodluck on ur journey. just pray and He'll tell u what's best for you. ayt?! ;)

bulitas said...

@ yna: i think so. yeah. am positive about the thousands of opportunities ou there.

@ jackie: ayt! thanks! apir!

Anonymous said...

being a call center agent requires a mortifying task. just pursue to a job you really like, there are more opportunities waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Akala ko nanliligaw ka.

Anonymous said...

Sayang naman, Irvin. Pero baka may iba pang mas tamang trabaho dyan sa tabi-tabi. May punto nga naman ang diyos sa entry na ito. May punto si Pluto. Pero sigurado, darating din ang araw na makakabili ka na ng dSLR mo. :)

Anonymous said...

KAYA YAN! :) Diskarte lang at mahaba-habang pasensya. Kapag dumating ang tamang trabaho..

DAKMAIN MO NG TODO! Dalawang kamay! Lolz.

zeus-zord said...


you can't have it all.

make time for yourself. kung two jobs na day time at night time, pano na ang buhay mo diba?

siisrain mo?

blessing in disguise na yan


Anonymous said...

darating din yang dslr mo, ikaw pa. baka pa naman, dami pa panahon para makaipon.

Anonymous said...

liked how u phrased everything...haha!

n yeah may darating pang iba...think positive!

Anonymous said...

aking kaibigan, sigurado ka ba na kakayanin mo ang 2 trabaho ng sabay? isipin na lang natin na blessing indisgays nga sabi nila.. kaya ok lang yan!!!

Skye said...

Goodluck with that!

My boyfriend knows someone 'from the inside' if you know what I mean, so he got a job instantly, without breaking a sweat. No interview, what not. Plus, he's on part time only. Life sucks doesn't it? It's unfair. I forgot the name of the call center lol Poor memory.

Anyway, there are a lot of call center gigs out there! I'm sure you'll spot one in no time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not the right time for now. Keyword is, "right now".

You'll get lucky next time. Just keep your fingers crossed and believe in yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

Oo, p're. Ibig lang sabihin na may mas nararapat pang trabaho para sa'yo. Basta piliin mo lang 'yung trip mo talaga. Rakenrol.

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