alternate route

although removing warts, zits, blemishes,skin impurities and unwanted lines for a number of days were painful enough to strain my eyes and to stress my hands and my fingers from moving too much, the rewarding experience of seeing a unique map of experience from each of the faces i digitally operated numbs the pain and motivates me to explore more maps of the human experience.
i just learned that if the windows to the person's eyes were intentionally closed and appeared to be blank from your view, just zoom in to the small lines of the face, often concealed by cosmetics, embedded on each person.
there you can discover a map of the complexities of the person's life, heart and mind.


none said...

WAAW! sosyalan... editing pics? hehe... miss your blog... apir!

Anonymous said...

Pretty deep I conveyed the meaning. Nice one.

Maraming salamat nga pala sa pagdaan at pag-iwan ng komento sa nilalangaw kong blog. Sana'y magbalik kang muli.

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