i say, we never stop.

never cut the chase.
you can rest,
you can sleep, but never lose
the focus of your senses on your target.
do not worry too much.
help will come along the way.
at start, keep your pace slow and steady.
conserve your energy and build momentum as you get
near the target.

just keep chasing your dreams.
they will soon get tired.
and if they do, grab them with all your might
and never let them slip.

never lose the fire of your passion.


my last day at the heroes' hill was quite a fulfillment.
finally, i got my salary.
earlier, i did an impromptu hosting job at an inaugural event by san miguel.
on monday, i will be professionally capturing the selective and directed emotions of people.
on the following days, i will embark on another journey which
(as stupid as it sounds) requires me to look good all the time.
wish me luck on the chase.


Anonymous said...

at last, nakapag-resign ka na. hindi na ata makatarungan yang heroes' hill na yan (lol) sa late na pagbibigay ng sweldo mo!!!

:D lolzies.

yey, pwede na tayo toma! WEEE. joke lang. hanap ka muna ng stable job at kapag may ipon ka na... text ka lang saken.

*wink* lol.

Anonymous said...

Good luck sa lahat ng aspeto ng iyong buhay.

wag bumitaw. wag umayaw.

alam kong yakang yaka mo yan! ^_^

Billycoy said...

buti na lang marami kang sideline.

ako rin suma-sideline, bugaw. gusto mong magpabugaw?

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