write and live

it will be a great sin for humanity to write for all the people in the world.
to effectively write stories for children, you write for a specific person.
writing literature for children can be one of the best jobs in the planet because of the high royalty given to writers.

-these were just some thoughts i bagged from the read or die convention at the hotel intercontinental manila.
renowned children’s literature writer rene villanueva told his audience to be practical in thought to leave a mark in the world of literature. most writers fail to establish a mark because their pragmatic ideals stifle them from being genuine and true to their motives. professor villanueva inspired me to be rich by writing.

having only 200php at hand, all i could do was to fill myself with stories behind the people cloaked under the jedi costume, the geeks and book freaks roaming back and forth like roaches devouring every page of each book on-sale at the convention, the plastered smiles on the faces of the storytellers for children, the dilated eyes of the girl who serve free coffee at the lobby, the boy in backpack whose distorted reflection in the mirror resembled the image of manny pacquiao’s surreal post-boxing face.

the photos i submitted were taped on a panel in one of the booths inside the main hall. passers by would occasionally point fingers to some of my submitted photos but will then ignore it. people nowadays have short span of attention over things. it was difficult to determine if they have been inspired or moved by any of my photos.

it took me an hour and a half to decide whether i should purchase a book-on-sale at the convention. the lowest price i saw was 150php. i was caught in a dilemma of whether i should withdraw money from my atm account (which by the way only contains 500php for my whole month allowance) or just spend my cash at hand.

i was 200php richer when i went back to the venue of the convention. i rummaged the books on sale but the book i planned to buy was fished by some book-eater while i was away.

glorietta activity center served as my temporary refuge. the photoworld 2007 camera shows and exhibits veered my attention away from the books on sale. for a while, my fascination with photography was satiated after i saw and experienced various dslrs and cameras on display.

while on my way home, i decide to write something for my mother under high hopes that i could buy my own camera in the days to come.

click on the image to view the photos i've submitted:


Mike said...

Most people would rather prefer death by boredom than, say, opening a book during their entire lifetime. I remember Jessica Z's column in Star where she recommends people to read one book per week. The proposal was totally human. Let's save the atrophying minds of the human race.

Haven't gone to Glorietta for weeks. Been busy for quite a while. Ugh. Need mall therapy.

bulitas said...

the literacy situation in the country is disturbing.
let us all do something about it.

Anonymous said...

you gotta tell these kids to start text/ing in straight english

btw, my girlfriend was raving to go to read or die, kaso may pasok. how was it?

Riker said...

ako din mahilig sa camera!!.. kaso sa kabilang side ng cam.. hehehe.. pag malungkot ako tas may naglabas ng cam e ngingiti agad ako!! hehehe

anyhoo..pag may nakita ka sa IndustrialEng na Ranz Ramos sabihin mo ulul siya a.. hehehe.. :P

Billycoy said...

i was also informed by my friend about that Read or Die Convention, but I found it uninteresting so I didn't purchase a ticket.

kung umattend pala ako, magkikita tayo, nyak!

sana lang makabili na rin ako ng dslr para mapractice ko na rin ang aking photography expertise!

L.A said...

"the literacy situation in the country is disturbing.
let us all do something about it.
=) "

Tama ka dyan!

Wow sayang hindi ako naka-punta dyan. I have plans on going there pero may bayad kaya hindi na ako tumuloy. Wow nice pic. ang ganda ng kuha mo dun sa multiply.

Hmm can I post some of it on my blog? I'll credit you..please please pretty please?? I really like them pictures.

Wenk nabasa ko yung comment ni Billycoy kung pumunta pala ako dyan di nag kita kita tayo waaharhar!

Karog Comment??? No comment na lng masyadong mahalay pang Billycoy lang yan...haha!

Anonymous said...

@ eskaparate: it turned out pretty well, except that there were less buzz since books do not literally create noise. =)

@chino: aww. cge maglalabas ako agad ng cam pag nakita kita!
hmm. who's that guy? anyways, cge, hahanapin ko siya para sau! apir!

@ billycoy: haha! at nagbalak palang magtungo doon si combatron! haha! sayang. nakita na sana kita in costume!

@LA: me student rates namn. kaya nga ako nakapasok eh. haha. uhm, sure. cge lang. basta dnt forget to cite me as well. thanks. apir!

Virginia said...

bakit di ko alam yan?! (bobita!)

sherma said...

i'm not aware of this event and other events similar to this one... saang planeta ba ako nakatira?

Anonymous said...

Oh, drat! I completely forgot about the convention. I've read about it somewhere, and made plans to go, but hah, I have my memory to thank for failing me (every time). Judging from the "bagged thoughts" you have, I'd say it's a pretty enlightening experience, eh?

I wanted to be a writer, reinforced by the fact that I was a Language & Literature major, and now am a "budding journalist" (if everything goes as planned, I won't be any longer). I just cannot write. *grimaces*

Inspiring yung Photoworld no? I was there with Kuya Chris after our lunch date with some other Blog Parteeh people last Friday. Kuya Chris took lots of shots, while I was left drooling over the different DLSRs on display. *sighs* If one just doesn't cost so damned much....

BTW, excellent photos! You have a great eye for photography. Wait, is that Kule the girl's reading-holding?! ^_^ Hah, how can one resist the NEWS it's got to offer? Especially since the UP admin still oppresses campus press freedom by holding back Kule's budget. Blah, blah, blah. Old news.

Talamasca said...

Read or Die.

I haven't touched a book in ages, goddammit! Die me, die me!!!111exclamation

Seriously, imagine life sans the ability to perceive written language. Totally disturbing.

Ok I'm off to see my shrink. K bai.

bulitas said...

@ virginia: ayus lang yan. don't pout yourself down,. apir! =)

@sherma: hayaan mo, sa susunod, babalitaan kita. hehe.

@shari: enlightening indeed. hehe. ow! great! u were a language and literature major eh?! wjoa!
yeah! photoworld was uber great! it has inspired me to pursue my dreams in photograohy. =)
yup. that's kule. and to hell with the admin! grrr! wah!

@ tala: ahaha! i really love your kthnkbai endings. m=)

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