as the krispy kreme sugar glaze melt

tons of ice from siberia melt every second and send the world into chills.

the goal of bagging the i-pod video was shattered as another blogger from the blog parteeh won the raffle.

mariel rodriguez did triple curls on her tongue instead of charming guys with her wits.

ounces of blood rushed from the heads of those people hit by the angst of a recent frat war in the university.

misconstructed sentences and miscalculated actions threatens the foundations of a newly revived love story.

the gradual decrease in the number of student council officials put the upcoming uplb fair into the verge of a distant success.

invisible walls of pride and ego between a father and a son crash into rubbles as compromise seeps into the scene.

our thespian class slowly falls under the spell of the pseudo intellectual mist invading the classroom.

the sugar coated graduation dream slowly melts into syrup that runs down the crevices of my fingers.


Makibaka, the official theme of the 2007 uplb fair

performed by ephrot act

tell me what you think about it


Anonymous said...

how's the blog parteeh???heheheh nakita mo ba si billycoy dacuycuy??hehe ulet

Anonymous said...

astig nung song!

tina said...

Cool music. :P

Billycoy said...

irish > hindi kami nagkita niyan ni bulitas... alam ko yung sugo ko nakasama niya!

di ba bulitas?

Anonymous said...

@ billycoy and irish:

ha? ha? haha. oo iris. unfortunately, pawn lang ni billycoy nang pinadala niya. me misyon pa daw kasi siyan sa kalawakan eh. ayun

L.A said...

Wow astig nung song mala-System of a Down ang dating nung kanta lalo na yung opening. Penge nmn copy nun? Astig eh...naalala ko tuloy yung song na kinanta ng friend kong taga-UP Baguio para dun sa album nung TABAK.

Wahaha! Oo wala nga dun si billycoy, yung alipin lang nya yung napapadpad dun haha!

Pot Navarro said...

Ano ba yun! Nasarapan ako sa blogtitle mo!! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

@ pot: haha. apir!

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