digress from realities

intoxication from loads of domestic, academic, psychological and emotional battles forced me to imagine myself playing square-enix's latest release of the final fantasy game.

with graphics, storyline and gameplay that can stun even your most active nerves, this role playing game (rpg) can sure help you escape intoxication.

ironically, i can only wallow in fantasy of playing the game.
i do not own any ps2 and i have no plans of buying one.
i still believe in charity. anyways, christmas is just around the corner.

to further satiate your cravings for fantasy and adventure, you may visit:
for the game review, visit:
yahoo game review

one reason why jk rowling could be one of the richest persons in the world was that she presented an alternative realm of magic and fantasy to the mostly-drowned-in-work-and-stress people of the world.

movie stills were out in cyberspace, but the movie premieres on the 13th of july next year.

i am a fan. the third book was my favorite, i still consider the 4th book the most adventurous and i am still disappointed on the 5th book. up to now, i still have grudges over the magic89.9 dj who mispronounced the word on the harry potter spelling contest i joined years back. i could have won the complete set of hardbound books from scholastic.

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Anonymous said...


I bought the game this weekend, and I started playing when I got home. Yeah, FFXII was a real surprise alright, one that hardcore RPG-ers would welcome pleasantly. Seriously, it was the smoothest FF for the PS2. The gameplay makes you wonder if you're playing on an entirely different console. Like a PC maybe with the baddest gaming peripherals equipped.

Seriously. It'll make you shit a pantload. So freaking nice.

Anonymous said...

I should get one the soonest...

Anonymous said...

Is it me or AREN'T some of the photos FF XII related?

Anyhoo, I'm still searching for a copy. Go for the ORIGINAL, y'all!

I'm not that bloody excited about the HP 5 movie. It's the book I'm all after, damn it! And I can't wait for Harry to die. Kthnxbye. :-)

Anonymous said...

waa! i dont have one of those PS2 also. hahaha! i share the feeling. But I really like Final fantasy... I like their looks. So cool. I wish I could be a character. Niahaha!

The movie? Nah. I'm not too interested. I like the books more. But it's good to visualize every now and then ayt? But then, I get dismayed of how some events are skipped in movies. Hehehe! So many buts in my comment.

INIDORO said...

hmm. don't have ps2. the only square-enix game that i've played is 'ff tactics'.

harry cut his hair? hmm. looked better. and luna's blonde. is she really?

Anonymous said... site is one of my favorites as well... I'm a big fan too. I think I know the two lead characters who will me your guess

Airah said...

i could have won the complete set of hardbound books from scholastic

ahhh.. such great disappointment.

lol yeah, i also love harry potter but my face is the 4th book and the 6th book. :P

i just wished the last book would be so whoa. *grins*

have a nice day! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Oh my, we still have to wait dor July next year for the next Harry Potter sequel, damn.

bulitas said...

@ momel:yeah. squaresoft has never failed my expectations.

@ alvin:you should. =)

@ tala:well, what's new with CG characters? haha. yeah, they pretty look the same.

@ gimickero:wow. if u wer to be an RPG character, what power would u like tyo possess?

@ the whore:i really don't give a damn about luna's hair color. =)last FF i played was FFIX

@ alvin:haha. my bet would be hagrid and ron

@ airah:yeah. such a disappointment. considering the easy set of questions back then. haha.

bulitas said...

@ billycoy: yeah, that's quite a wait. =)

Anonymous said...

woo.. can't wait to watch HP.. ^_^

holy shnaps said...
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holy shnaps said...

hey! nice blog! im also a Harry Potter fan.. i've read all the books.. my book 6 was just returned to me few days ago, after havin it borrowed for a YEAR! im readin it again.. if ur disappointed in book 5, then surely u will in book 6... is it the loss of ****** ur talkin bout? coz there would be a great loss in HBP.. well, if u havent read it, i dont wanna spoil it for you.. xiao... hope u could also hop in mah blog..

puklo said...

ngayon lang ako nakavisit dito ah.. wow! nice blog tol.. lam mo kung san galing yun? oo nga eh, pinadala lang sakin yun.. para daw kasi ako.. hehe.. pasensya na siguro dun sa nagmamay-ari.. :-)

harry potter? di ako makarelate.. havent read pa nga yung book 1 eh.. hehe

Anonymous said...

from the 3 books i've read among the HP sequel, i love the third book also. for me, it's the thrilling one.. although maganda rin yung chamber of secrets..

and i only played FINAL FANTASY 9 and it was oh-so-good for me, though anliliit ng mga characters but the storyline was definitely jaw-dropping.

i also played ff10 in ps2 but then, hindi ko natapos since napanood ko na yung ending. xD

:) ayun laaaaang.


bulitas said...

@ avy: me too

@ rej:i know. iknow who died in the 6th book. damn those spoilers. haha.

@ pucle:thanks. yeah. i know where u got that pic. haha.

@ moses:yup up. 3rd book's great. =)
i've also seen the ending of FFX. asteg!

Anonymous said...

astig nga po graphics sa Final fantasy.. uhm.. meron din po ko nilalaro.. online game naman. un priston tale. ala lang. =)

nice blog.

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