so much about ignorance of nations

united nations survey

"would you please give your honest opinion about shortage of food in the rest of the world?"

the survey failed because:

-in africa, people didn't know what "food" was
-in china they didn't know what "opinion" was
-in europe they didn't know what "shortage" was
-filipino leaders don't know what "honest" meant
-france didn't know what please "was"
-in america, they didn't know what "the rest of the world" meant

*got this from a forwarded sms


Anonymous said...

Nobody answered that question good. They didn't even try. That's part of human nature. And that appears in every nationality.

Har, I should've warned you for the deep deep shit I have for that message.

He hee, cheers Bulitz!

Anonymous said...

nareceive ko na yan eh.. alam mo na rin ba ung kwento na medyo related din dyan.. ung tungkol din sa america.. ung lahat ng mga gamit na ginagamit nila.. wla ni isa man sa kanila nag-originate.. tpos theyre not thankful for that nor they care to others especially who are not their kind

Anonymous said...

haha! kahit na nakakatawa siya, it's true. people just don't know the reality of life. wala pa nagsesend sakin ng ganyan. ma-try ko nga isend hehe.

Anonymous said...

hmm.. honga nuh.. kakatawa na nakakaewan.. basta may weird feeling.. afected ba ako sa isng SMS mesg??

& said...

oo nga no?

well, there's no existing utopia or an ideal civilization yet.

it's a disgrace for the filipinos not to know what 'honest' means.

but it's true!! :D

Anonymous said...

dapat ipalaganap ang txt msg na ito. hehehe

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Why didn't I get this SMS... Am I part of the "minority"? :-)

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