when a star fades

i tried to reach for her hand but the force field of silence that she built hours ago made my hands stiff. it was an unusual night for us.
she was silenced by her thoughts, i was silenced by her stern and flat face.
each time i walk her home, it’s either i rave about my day’s adventures or we both rant about the repressions and the harshness of the decaying society.

it was a very unusual night for me.
it was at that moment of silence that i felt intimate with my feelings for her.
her beauty glows beyond the faint lights of the street,
her charm amplified by her silence, resonated all over my body.

clouds that threaten the earth with downpour covered the constellations that she often checks every time i walk her home.
i wondered if the gloomy weather has affected her sudden silence.
i thought it could have been the pull of the moon but i was not even aware if the moon was close enough to the earth to pull the tides.

she did not speak the whole time.
not a kiss, not a hug. not even a goodbye came out of her mouth.

i felt lucky i was able to take a glance at her eyes moistened with tears as she tried her best to cover it from view.

the eyes speak of the soul’s language.
but the language of the soul is too subjective that most of the time, it bypasses even the most basic level of the mind’s comprehension

it must have been the stars.
i never thought stars could also stir up human emotions.

i am completely aware that there is nothing certain in the universe.
i know that there is no such thing as eternity.
stars die.

when a star fades,

a constellation is broken.


Anonymous said...

senti ka rin? eheheheheh!

sabi nang tigilan na ang mga stars! me sarili silang mundo. very far from our reach. mahirapan silang abutin. mahirap intindihin.

zeus-zord said...


twinkol twinkol litol star


are those poems intouch somehow with reality

Doubting Thomas said...

woot! inspired si irvin!

Anonymous said...


In love? Haha!

Anonymous said...

senti sentihan ang drama dito ah!!


naalala ko lang... ang twinkle twinkle little star, baa baa black sheep, at ab-cd (alphabet song) ay may pare-parehong tono...

la lang..

Juice said...

awww. i wish i was you girlpren, para gawan moko ng ganyan! hahahahah..jowk :P

I love this!! Ang ganda..

Anonymous said...

does she know you feel that way? i mean, that you feel intimate with your feelings for her?

Talamasca said...

I learned something from this entry. I mean, not on the relationship part and its "real deal", but on the theoretical aspect of it.

"The eyes speak of the soul's language. But the language of the soul is too subjective that most of the time, it bypasses even the most basic level of the mind's comprehension."

Bravo! Oh so true.

But I do hope that you two get things straightened out. :-)

Anonymous said...

ang saya naman magbasa :)
adik aku sa mga gantong kwento :P

Kiro said...

Huy... magkagalit ba kayu ngayun?? hihi... umm anyway... ganda ng entry dude... stars ah...

/iambrew said...

what happened? nagbreak ba kayo? or what?

sabi ko sayo tayo na lang eh. wahehehe. just making you smile.

wag na maxado senti or else iiyak ako. huhuhu...

& said...

what the fuck does this mean? stars. beauty. aww. yeah. napakasenti nga ng post mo.

ano ba ang motibo mo sa pagsulat nito, aber?

for me, THIS IS YET ONE OF YOUR GREATEST post. idol ko talaga si bulitas! WOOT. :D yun lang!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi bulitas..

ang galing mo po.

ang ganda ng entry na to.

more power sayo!

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