tricky track

my girlfriend and i both experienced unexplainable happiness last night.
orgasmic was an understatement.
it was as if all the gaps of time were instantly filled by
constant laughter and stroll under the LB sky.
the heat of the apartment room never succeeded on its plot of detracting our happy moment.

earlier, we saw cars by disney and pixar.
again, ounces of happiness filled my system.
it was ecstacy sending chills all over me.
it was one of those rare moments when sheer, plain happiness forced your tear glands to work.

cars made up our day.
disney and pixar did a great job.

we parted ways with a kiss, both feeling the innocent joy that we've been experiencing since last night.

i know i should have remembered the feeling well.
not long after we parted, the joy slowly faded away as if it was carried by the wind caused by the overspeeding bus.

as i arrived home, i received an sms from my girlfriend telling me that she was robbed of her wallet and flash drive.

i tried to comfort her immediately, but it appeared that the plain, innocent happiness that she had last night was also gone.

plain loneliness and depression out of nowhere started to shroud over me.
emotional roller coasters can be really tricky.


Kiro said...

Eeep... dang! I feel bad for youre Gf. Thieves are lurking everywhere. I always hear people getting robbed. Maybe because life is getting tougher and people cant think of other ways to live but to rob others.

basta... ewan...

maganda ba cars?? lol...

bulitas said...

yes ron.
thanks for the concern.
maganda cars.
di masasayang ibabayad mo.

& said...

haha, everytime i read or hear cars - i think of cars pascual. shit.

anyway. to hell with thieves! dati naman ikaw, (kaso holdappers yun - o kung ano man yun!) tapos ngayon yung girlfriend mo!

di man natin masisisi ang mga magnanakaw dahil sa kahirapan ng buhay, dapat humanap naman sila ng mas disente na pamumuhay.

matakot sila sa diyos! mwahaha.

yun lang. oh well, sayang. sirang-sira na araw mo. paksheet.

Anonymous said...

Weeee! Cars... gusto ko na rin panoorin yan!

Wawa naman ang gf mo. Sino ba naman ang hindi masisira ang araw sa nangyari?

Redg said...

nahuli na ba ung engot na magnanakaw? baliw talaga mga tao ngayon, nde ba nila alam dame nilang naaapektuhan? =))

just think happy thoughts. :P cars na lang ang pagisipan nio. you guys will get through this. :P

Anonymous said...

parang dati lang ikaw ang nanakawan ah, tapos ngayon gf mo naman.... haaay, buhay

kelangan na talaga ng sobrang pag-iingat sa panahon ngayon, andaming masasamang tao sa paligid... tsk tsk tsk..

Juice said...

oh man. since i've been reading ur blog for a while na i also know that you've been robbed before,, and it even sucks worse now coz it's your girlfriend.

good thing her cellphone didn't get robbed so you could still text her and ask her.

anyway like i always say, something good's gonna come out of all this. take care irvin :D

Anonymous said...

mabuti nga hindi xa nasaktan diba... grbe ansaya nyo tpos bigla lumungkot.........iba naa talaga panahon ngayon........

lateralus said...

she got mugged? o pick pocket? sorry to hear that.


but hey, it's always great to be orgasmic around your girlfriend. wehehe.

we'll watch cars next week.

zeus-zord said...

happiness never really last

kainis no

ganun talga ang buhay..

give and take...

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