silenced screams-so what?

today is world ocean day.
in line with this, the philippines was pronounced as the center of marine biodiversity in the world

so what?
so what if our country (the philippines) was very very rich in natural resouorces?
so what if we use our resources inefficiently?
so what if the ocean was instantly becoming polluted?

as long as most of us still have plenty of water to consume, we do not care.
as long as there are fishes sold in the market, it is ok.
as long as there is still water in the world, it is fine.

we have to be aware that we are a part of the ecosystem, the ever vast food-chain, a society of living creatures, that one disruption in the natural flow of life can cause devastation of the whole chain.

earlier, i’ve heard that senator lito lapid is going to run for makati city mayor in the upcoming elections.

so what?
there’s nothing new about ex-movie stars running for political positions in the country.
so what if an incumbent government official can vie for another position without resignation?
so what if lapid proclaimed earlier that if ever he won, he will ban rallies at makati?
so what if it might have been another plot of the government to detract its critics?

as long as we eat thrice a day, it’s ok.
as long as we can watch our favorite tv shows and movies, it’s alright.
as long as we provide ourselves our needs and some wants, it’s fine.

we have to at least give back to our parents and to the society their nurture (on whatever degree it might have been) by being vigilant, pro-active and sympathetic to the society.
in one way or another we can do something to improve the political condition, the education situation and the socio-economic predicaments.

screams of nature and the society were slowly silenced by our conditioned lives leaning on the verge of apathy.
the thought of surviving the urban and rural jungles, the thought of finishing our routine of tasks and the thought of somehow escaping the realities hitting our lives, made us deaf on the cries of the world.

our lives conditioned to normality push us towards the cliff down to apathy.

while most of us would not give a damn on the incessant screams of politics, nature, society and family, we must remember that some people and groups would find ways of removing the cork of apathy in their ears to respond to the screams of the world.

pdi article about world ocean day

a scream is an exaggerated call for attention.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this post... Filipinos don't care. I long for the day that we will all open our eyes... Oh well wishful thinking! :-)

blueengreen said...
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Anonymous said...


i do feel the same way about this. but people nowadays are really either apathetic or exaggeratedly "concerned" on matters involving our country. LOLZ (did i just read ur article? ahahah! i thought i've already lost my thoughts about these matters.)

well, eye opener ur article may seem... people still just fuck around, and are too preoccupied about their lives, their lists of expenses and a lot more...

*the freak's got to go!* ciao!

Anonymous said...

apathy is rampant, but who could blame them/ us??

for once I thought that it's easier to be apathetic than to think of rigid solutions amidst this nation's crises, but who could help us if we don't start helping ouselves?

to be vigilant and proactive are smart ways to start, but it's always easier to be said than done.

btw, a scream is not exaggerated, it's so fitting.

on the lighter side, may world's ocean day pala :D

/iambrew said...


As naman announcing Philippines as the center for Marine churvaness would make filipinos rich!

As if naman Lito Lapid being elected Mayor would change anything!

As if naman the country will take a u-turn if something happens?

Filipinos are so sanay with being deadma! And besides... nothing good ever happens here...

Anonymous said...

who cares anyway? as long as we survive and we're alive!!! haha.

infairness lang. sawang sawa na talaga ang mga Pilipino sa mga situation at mga news na ganyan! eh kahit nga sarili ko naiinis na akong makinig sa mga balita! kasi naman puro lang problema! ah uu. may maganda pero minsan lang yan. ang maganda lang na news na pinapakita tungkol kay paquiao and everything sa larangan ng sports and everything.

kung sabihin mo sa kin. na may nagrarally sa malacaƱang. so paki ko? eh ano ngayon kung nagriot na dun? haha. la lang. pabalik balik lang naman yan eh!

Anonymous said...

minsan apathetic din ako... and i find it useful lalo na pag puno na ako sa mga naririnig at nababasa ko... kaya sa skul hindi ko na binabasa yung mga flyers na binibigay nila...wala na akong pakialam...then kapag na-realize ko na kelangan ko nang makialam napapansin ko na hindi ko na alam kung anong latest, kaya huli na ako sa mga balita...

may mga tao na sobrang concerned that they shout for changes all their lives but never live to see it, kasi wla namang nagbabago...

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