the disadvantage and advantage of being bare

two things that got into my nerves today:
first, paying 160php for a crappy movie such as the omen as a treat for your sister.
second, finding yourself stuck on a situation wherein you were unable to do anything despite the fact that you know somewhere, deep inside you that you can do something.

a bare movie for me is a movie full of bluffs. a movie was bare if it has the same formula since motion pictures were invented an doesn't make you think anymore. if the intention of the movie was not met, (i.e. if it’s supposed to scare you but made you laugh instead) it is bare.
the omen was bare. nuff said.

a while ago, as me and my sister entered the gates of one of the military camps in the metro(we live inside a military camp), two military officers on duty as guards denied my sister’s entrance for the sole reason that she’s wearing slippers.
ok, i got the point of the whole checkpoint process, but after she showed them all her ids that certifies her residency inside the camp, they still denied her entrance. what a bull!
they treated us (especially my sister) as if we were criminals.
they kept us away from people and lectured us about the entrance policies of the camp.

    no wearing of sando, slippers and sandals inside the camp

fuck that entrance policy!
the hell with that/those narrow-minded camp officer/s who formulated that policy.
aren’t they thinking?
there were civilians residing inside the camp, and of course, most civilians would wear slippers. even their soldiers would wear slippers on duty!

anyways, i waited for my sister for a couple of minutes on the path walk, thinking that she was just held inside their office. as worry starts to sink in me, i planned to fetch her myself when she instantly appeared on the dark, at other end of the path walk.
she was asked to stay away from the civilian path walk and told her to take the dark alley at the back of their office instead.

this was not the first time we were denied of entrance because of wearing sandals and slippers.

i was so pissed off because i wasn’t able to do anything on the situation.

as we tread a few kilometers home, an idea struck me and told my sister, the next they held us back for wearing slippers/sandals, let's remove our footwear and make our way inside!

1 comment:

Kiro said...

Slipper lang... shallow naman nun... eh pinas yan ah shempre you can expect people wearing sando, sandals amd slippers... eh anu naman kung un suot mo? wala naman masama dun.

and crap ba The Omen? wahh... di ko na papanoored and waste my money.

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