pointless premonition and the price of escaping the closing of a casket

it was a sudden bleak moment. all the lights around us slowly flickered dim and the rusty jeep that was cradling us at that very moment suddenly became a mattress of death.

i’ve seen this before. de ja vu?
no. i’ve seen it just minutes ago while i was trying to steal a shallow slumber.
i kept on ignoring the vision, trying to let it fly with the gush of the wind caused by the fast acceleration of the jeepney.

    itigil mo dito! ngayon na! akin’na celphones niyo. ikaw, akin na ang bag mo! bilis!

my already retreating senses were instantly awakened as my focus was turned on the 12- inch icepick pointed on my chest.

    akin na ang bag mo!

i even had the guts to rummage thoughts of resistance. i thought i could play hero on that moment, that i could send the two burglars down their knees with just one blow but i was alerted back to reality when a gun was pointed at my lower body.

i was about to bargain a deal with them. i planned to surrender my money and my phone in exchange of my bag but the gun’s mouth silenced mine.

i was left powerless. the other 4 ladies with me were all stunned as they watched their phones drown beneath the soot-filled pockets of the robbers.

my knees started to tremble as things slowly gain a slight flashes of light from the rapid vehicles passing by. the jeepney driver who was calm during the whole scenario sped the vehicle fast.

as i tried to catch my breath from the rapid fire of heart beats, manong driver kept on mumbling that there was a police station nearby. he dropped us off on the corner of don antonio in commonwealth and pointed us downstreet where he said a police station was located, but everything were just bluff.

with senses blinded by the incident, we took chances of actually looking for a credible police station but there was none.

all i could muse was that my bag was gone.
stupid burglars! the only thing they can sell there was my digital camera; the rest, papers, clothes were all that was valuable for me.
imagine, they’ve spared my phone and my money but not my bag!

i’ve lost the newly printed, rare 8x12 sized family picture, kodak cx7300, the first camera I bought from my savings, my 1700+ grade eyeglasses, my blue monkey shirt, and my valuable file case, containing all my essential documents.

now, the vision grows clearer as i typed further. i don’t wish to suspend the heightened tensions but my fingers were still shaky typing this.
for now i want to hear yoda tell me:

    hrrrm. Train yourself to let go off all the things you fear to lose

for now, capturing snapshots of life will be on hiatus.


/iambrew said...

Oh my...
I am really sorry about what happened.. Bakit kasi ganun.. dami mahihirap ayan tuloy...

anyways, im sure ull have a new cam soon. no worries. aight!

i hope ur feeling a bit better now..

Anonymous said...

Yeah me too.. thanks to Brew who sent me your link.. i know it's not that easy to forget what u have just gone through.. but lets just be thankful, that nothing worse happened. Whatever u have lost.. i'll bet my cigs.. much more will come your way.

Juice said...

oh my god oh my god. i know how u feel, i don't fully know, but i have an idea. something like this happened to me about 2 months ago too. i was beside a church (note: beside a church) holding my friend's nokia7610 cellphone and copying the numbers on a billboard nearby for driving school information. suddenly out of nowhere this guy grabs my shoulder so hard, tries to take the cellphone, we had a cp tug of war for about 10 seconds. i pulled, i pulled and i pulled, but the guy pulled sooo hard with his manly strength and left a scratch on my hand, and gone he was, hopped into a motorcycle..

my friend stood dumbfounded, my knees were shaking my palms were red, tears slowly coming out of my eyes and i was the one who was holding her cellphone.

i can't believe these things are happening. why??
i hope everything goes well for you in the next coming days. think about it like this, "God wouldn't give it to you if you couldn't take it".

good luck bulitas, and i'm sorry for what happened. lighten up..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the consolation guys.
i am thanful they spared my life last night.
what i hate about this is that i can stil clearly picture out the incident in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for what happened to you. That was too much to handle for one night... If there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate... I'm sure what you've lost is nothing to what you will gain! Take care!

lateralus said...

i was hoping it was all fiction until it was clear that it was all real.

Anonymous said...

Naknang...pucha...! I mean, we all work hard for whatever we have and they juz take it away from us?!? I-report mo pa ren sa police, kahet sketch lang....Gahd..ipabugbug naten ke cuz! Ay, grrr... kakagigil!

& said...

aha. now i get it. that's why you're telling me na mag-ingat sa holdappers in your recent comment.

once, when i was a kid - my mom's bag was snatched in the overpass connecting sm north edsa and the other side. grabe, umiiyak ako non.

syempre bata pa.

so far, wala pa kong cases na ma-holdap. at kung meron man, babayagan ko sila! NYAHAH easier said than done. lalo na kung may baril diba.

you know what? what you did is just ok. although sige, nawalan ka na nga ng digicam (shit, mahal yun) and kung ano anong important stuffs mo, what's important is that; hindi naging kapalit ng buhay mo yang mga gamit mo.

at least. you're still living. nyahaha. tanong ko lang no, ano TUNAY na pangalan mo??

Bonbon'ito said...

I'm speechles...

Unknown said...

It leaves you wondering why it's such a sin to ask God for the strength to commit homicide.

These things suck. Sigh.


Doubting Thomas said...

waaah! kaya ka pala nag post ng "mag ingat sa fairview" sa bulletin.

share: yung classmate ko ganayn din, tinutukan ng icepick eh nag matapang ayun lumaban... pero hindi naman sya sinaksak. wala naman laman yung bag pero pilit kunukuha yung bag...

tsk tsk tsk.. next time... ingats!

Anonymous said...

katakot yung ganyan... buti ngat hindi ka na naglaban o nagbida-bidahan..

tsk tsk tsk..

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