carrying marks of x


    with this meaning is a modifier (word that limits, qualifies or describes another word).

    out, out of, away, upward, from, totally, without), spoken by ancient people in central Italy around 700 B.C.

    a prefix added to the start of a word. indicates that "former" modifies the word. created to expand meanings. can be used with many words to form new words.

    i.e. ex-mayor, ex-girlfriend, ex-politician, etc.

finally, i was through with them.
the feeling was both liberating and fulfilling.
last wednesday, as i was about to step out of the room, i was suddenly torn between staying and moving on.

i have to move on because of prior commitments.
i wanted to stay because of the experiences.

letting go was never a problem on my part.
but i have to admit, there are certain moments when i find it hard to let go especially when attachment took place.

x10 events inc and xpress media philippines provided me and my groupmates (jave and kla and jema) opportunities and experiences beyond our expectations. marketing prospect companies, dealing with clients, closing deals, organizing events, meeting various people, beating hourly deadlines, creating copies and headlines, and endless brainstorming became part of our everyday tasks as practicumers.
i never expected xpressmedia would get us as their freelance writers which was more than privilege on our part.

working with those x made my summer worthwhile and fulfilling.

i will miss these people:

technically, my required hours for practicum was completed but i am still vying for reuters.
i do miss my cam.
anyone who sells memory eraser?

argh. gusto ko nang malimutan yung hold up incident!
nakakainis ang pagbabagabag sa’kin ng memorya ko.
ano kaya kung nalaban ako?
ano kaya kung natakot sila sa’kin?
ano kaya kung natuluyan ako nung gabing yun?
ano kaya kung may powers ako?
amf! langyang holdapers yan!


/iambrew said...

Dun feel so bad about the cam I am sure ull pull through...

Mmy-Lei said...

charged it to xperience!

may balik din yan!

Anonymous said... holdap ka? next time..mag dala ka ng pepper spray or sniper...takutin mo sila..pero kung lumaban ka...baka ano pang magawa nila sayo..mabuti nalang walang nangyaring masama!!!!

malay mo, sign yan an kelangan mongbumili ng panibagong cam. pero sorry sa loss mo. :(

Anonymous said...

oh well,

tatlong bagay:

1. may karma
2. may letrang X
3. may moving on

itaras mo na lang
sa iyong karanasan
at kasaysayan ang
mga bagay-bagay.


Unknown said...

Memories are a good thing. It's just that some memories are better than others. This is a clever post.


/iambrew said...

move on na... wahehehe...

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to me about X/EX man coz' most of my entries in my blog talk about how hard, difficult, and life-altering experience my break up with my looney two timing ex.... :-)
Don't worry about your cam. When is your birthday anyway??? :-)

Doubting Thomas said...

tatlong bagay:

1. may karma
2. may letrang X
3. may moving on


dun ako sa number 2. hehe.

naku mahirap kalimutan ang biglang nawawala... ako man ay hindi sanay sa biglaan... inunti-unti nalang sanang nawala... | wag na nga baka kumanta pa ako dito...

tulad nga nung nakalagay sa blog ni Brew... [moving on]

Anonymous said...

kung lumaban ka, siguro ala ka na ngayon... patay ka for sure!
mabuti ngat di ka na lumaban lang yan, makakabili ka pa next time...

Unknown said...

ang galing ng blog mo!
and sure, i'll link you up! Cheers!

Unknown said...

ang galing ng blog mo!
and sure, i'll link you up! Cheers!! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

^^ i miss my ojt too. i had that feeling too.

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