final mark of the x

just arrived from the advance screening of x men:the final stand.
i have grown pessimistic after the first two installations of the movie,
but the final one exceeded my expectations.

drama and action go well in equal proportion.
the plot was more logicaly constructed

as contrast to the uncanny x men series way back in the 90's
wherein the binary opposition between x-xavier's team and magneto's team was strongly presented,
the movie showed the possibility of unity among mutants of various ideologies.

it presented philosophical concepts of choice, friendship,love and sacrifice.

i love how the movie delved deeper inside each main character's persona.
logan and jean's characters, for instance, made some scenes dramatic.

exposition was well pasted. it has a clever storyline to conclude the long marvel comic saga.
(unlike the abrupt endings of mulawin the movie and exodus. pardon the comparison guys. can;t think of any bad movie ending this time)

it's one of those movie installations that can stand alone by itself.
you can actually understand the plot without the requirement of watching the previous movies.

it's a great ending for the whole movie series.

i'd recommend this movie for all of you who got disappointed with the da vinci code.
anyways, i think it's rated pg-13, so any of you planning to take a break from the davincicode fuss, you might want to check this great movie.

the recent hold-up incident has increased the flow paranoia in my veins.
seriously, it made me feel as if one of death's hands is always laid on one of my shoulders.
argh. the creeps.
i wish i had wolverine's adamantine bones so that i could easily slash the throat of every hold-upper i happen to see in the metro.
and oh, i forgot, rebecca romijn (mistique) was hot!
wait and see her turn from the sexy mistique into a hot human.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I said no to the advance screening... Thanks for this info. I met Rebecca Romjin once and man you'll do anything to have her... number I mean... :-)

najjems said...

huwaw! nakapanood ka na?? ang daya... i didn't even plan to watch DaVinci, mas hinihintay ko toh!

well, it's good to hear that's it's better than the two previous movies, dapat lng! last movie na eh... kaya mas excited na ko! yehey

ehem. mula sa point of view ng isang babae... yes, magandang nilalang si Rebecca Romjin. I've always loved Mystique as a character. weee!

first time ko magcomment ano? hehe.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you got to witness the scene after the long credits. watched it a while ago, at greenbelt 3, and ha! they have this spoiler at the ticket area. flashing on the digital screen was: DON'T MISS THE LAST SCENE AFTER THE CREDITS OF X-MEN 3! I do not think it's the last x-men movie. ;op

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