balloon bye bye

    Train yourself to let go of all the things you fear to lose

Master Yoda was right. If only I bear that in mind years back, I may not have suffered the weight of the shackles of physical and psychological attachment.

Psycho-physiological conditioning was tough, especially when you have established a strong connection with somebody. Most of the time, I wondered why it is so hard to let go; then I realized that it is in our nature to be really selfish. Sometimes, or rather most of the time, we succumb in to the desires of our ego.

The problem, I thought, was with the confusion between letting go and giving up.
We are all shrouded with fears of letting go because our ego was just so afraid to be bruised with the fact of losing something or someone.

When we let go, it does not necessarily follow that we gave up. We could have put up a good fight and let go. Letting go requires acceptance: acceptance of your weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as recognition of your strengths.

You must be sensitive to let go. For instance, when I saw that the person I loved has somebody else that makes her happier, I let go. Of course, it’s not as if u just gave her away to the other guy. I did fight for her.
We somehow managed to discuss things, and it occurred to me that she could be happier with the guy.

Anyways, the feeling of letting go is just so liberating.
I’ll add it to my list as one of the most pleasurable things in life.

Letting go of the string is different from giving up your balloon.


Talamasca said...

Indeed: "Sometimes it's not holding on that makes us strong. Sometimes... it's letting go." This entry is sublime. Love it.

Anonymous said...

letting go is at the same time liberating. pagpapalaya sa sarili mo na walang ibang dahilan kundi ang sarili mo ren kung bakit ka na tali sa sitwasyon na iyon.

letting go is difficult. lalo na kung alam mong sariling kapakanan ang lubos na maapektuhan.


abet said...

Yes Bulitas, letting go and doing it is much harder than letting go and just saying it. In the end you'll find inner peace and all else will may never know who may be falling in love with your smile...:)

miss_rockista_iya15 said...

'Lam mo? Nabasag mo senses ko. You're right. Dapat pag-pinakawalan natin ang isang bagay, dapat buo nga ang loob natin. At dapat nating labanan yung fear of loss natin. Mahirap na baka magsisi sa huli...

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