as the sound of the sexbomb deadens

get get aww can no longer be heard on the usual noon time variety show.
the sexbomb dancers all appeared to have a sudden vacation. i myself did not notice their sudden disappearnce because of too much preoccupation to work.

meanwhile, the PR group of abs-cbn must have been triple paid to do devise an effective campaign to revive the wowowwee show.
the sudden diversion of the network from the ultra tragedy to the leyte tragedy was quite effective. after a week of sorry press releases, the intensity of the stampede incident was slowly buffered by the "seemingly huge" charity works done by the network. mga kwento sa likod ng wowowwee and all the other wowowwee related shows that followed effectively covered all the fuss about the ultra tragedy.

the cries and the clamor of the souls of the victims of the stampede in ultra was slowly silenced.

the voice of willie was again heard, trying to dominate the airwaves with false-hopes.

where have all the sexbombs gone?


Anonymous said...

if i were to be asked, i'd prefer the sexbombs aws over willie's irritating voice

Talamasca said...

Ditto to the previous commenter. I loathe game shows. Too bad that those girls are out of Eat Bulaga.

Jaja said...

I thought it was stupid to bring back will always be remembered as the game show that killed 74 people.on the other hand, eat bulaga was known way before sex bomb entered the show.i think they'll survive!

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