Deer aps


Hello dear friend. Here I go again, talking to myself. Musing about you and your whereabouts. I miss you. I really do. Although we get to see each other three times a week, we spend no quality time anymore. I just miss our adventures, our laughs, our mishaps, I just miss you. Oh well. You do have the right to keep things to yourself. But let us help. Let me help. I know that people need to detach themselves to the world once in a while to find solace in themselves, but if the solitude is making you feel bad, something is not right. I just miss hanging out with you. I miss you. I miss you my DEER friend. I just hope that in your wandering you find peace. I hope to see and hear from you soon.

-deer friend


Anonymous said...

usa ang kaibigan mo? =|

pinky said...

parang ayaw ko ng maging kaibigan mo kung magiging usa lang ako! waah ang laboh!
magkatabi tayo ngayon sa Astra! we're like soo destined!

Anonymous said...

pasensiya na at nadadamay ka, o di kaya'y nadadama mo ang sarili kong mundong nais kong buuin. ayoko lng mangyari sa akin ang nangyari sa akin noon,ayoko nang magpakalunod sa kalungkutan. minsan dumadating tau sa puntong tama na. dahil ayaw na nating magpakagago ulit. ayoko nang maging gago.

yes,im trying to find happiness in solace kahit na niloloko ko ang sarili ko na wala naman talagang ganun.but it's much better than getting hurt again, feeling alone again.

nagbabago ang perspektib ko sa buhay, at nakakatakot.but i think it's for the best.

i never intended to neglect the care that uv shown for the past days.ur still my friend paul.and i feel lucky for that.and it breaks my heart to know that people still care,kasi naniniwala na akong walang ganung tao sa mundo.

in short, thanks for being a good friend, for reaching out despite my shortcomings.

id still try to find happiness in solace.

thanks hunter.

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