Ka-puso, Kara, Ka-55

Kapuso, na-55 tayo!

55 years na tayong nag-aantay dito sa pila, di pa rin tayo pinapapasok!

-I ranted as fellow ka-puso na-55, ecspectators laugh

Last Sunday, amidst the constant rain and jammed traffic, I managed to make my way to GMA 7's sine totoo in SM Megamall. I was so excited that day that I didn't care if my shoulders ache because of the jansport the clings on it. I was excited because I will be seeing Kara David.

Yes. It's about Kara. Although I'm quite bias to the kapuso station, the main factor that drove me to the event was to meet and greet one of their great anchors, Ms. Kara David.

I am a Kara David fan, if that's how you'd call it. I do admire her. Maybe it's her mesmerizing charm that excites me whenever I see her.

The three-hour queue was almost unforgivable, if not of the thought of seeing Kara in the flesh.

Anyway, the documentaries presented are worth watching. It helps bring back the fire of the dimming social awareness of individuals inside the theatre. Although I've already seen most of the docus presented, I'd say that it's better the second time around. You get the chance to see the bigger picture and you also get to understand some points you've missed before.

My pseudo-cousin friend nearly gets annoyed with me because of my so-much ranting about Kara David.

I did had the chance to meet and greet some of their reporters and anchors, (i.e. Sandra Aguinaldo, Arnold Clavio, Ivan Mayrina, Raffy Tima, Jay Taruc, and the others) but my goal is to meet Ms. Kara in the flesh.

I waited more. Patience pays.

But no Kara David steped out of the red carpet. I approached Mr. Raffy Tima and instantly asked him Ms. Kara's whereabouts.

He just smiled and said: Naku, sori. Wala siya ngayon eh. Di makakarating.

To exxagerate the story, my world stopped for about 2 seconds. Just two seconds.

What? She's not here again?!

Last year I went to see I-witness docu-festival in our campus to Have a picture of Ms Kara and me taken. Unfortunately, she's not present, but did have our pictuires with Ms. Maki Pulido.

And that's it.

Oh well, maybe those moments are just not right for Ms. Kara and I.

I know, someday, I'll have my chance.

Someday is not a farfetched reality.

why oh why Ms Kara, are you always missing?

Well. All I can do is continue on my musings.

Anyway, I don't care if I'll fail to see her 55 times.

Because I believe that in one way or another, our paths will cross.


mars said...

i cant believe you ignored Jay Taruc!!!

Anonymous said...

I once saw Kara David during a pro-life rally. We were both covering the event. La lang, share ko lang. :P

Anonymous said...

pare mali ispeling ng seing? seeing...

2nd paragraph...

last sentence..


Anonymous said...

i love kara david too... :)

Anonymous said...

yay, inis nga un. hopefully next time makita mo na sya. sige po enjoy ur weekend.

ps tinatamad ako maglog in eh. hehe

pinky said...

huwag kang magalala irvin kapag anchorwoman na ako, lagi akong present sa mga affair para makakapagppapicture ka kasama ako=)

detoxprincess said...

I met Kara David last May with her husband, who was a cameraman. We were both covering the same pressconference. She for 7 me for 11 (intern/reporter). Mas guwapo ka sa asawa n'ya, chong! hehe..

Anonymous said...

haha, just dont loose hope, you will see and meet her in due time...

Tanya said...

how ang iyong website!!! nice nice.. wow a kara fan.. hehehe.. haven't seen her in a while... hmm...

anyhoo.. interesting gif beside your comments link... creepy yet cool. hehehe!

thanks for visitng my site! have a good one!

kara said...

hi there. si kara ito. im not joking. salamat sa blog article. sorry i missed the two sine totoo events you wrote abouyt. i think my whole life dalawang sine totoo events lang ata ang na-miss ko. yung isa nasa shoot ako, yung isa i was in africa. but thank you for watching our documentaries. nga pala, yung comment nung isang girl abt my husband, not true. im not married. yung cameraman na yun was my ex boyfriend, di ko asawa. pero tama siya. hindi nga ka-gwapuhan. hahaha! anyway, my email add is di ko masyado nao-open yung gmail account ko. thanks again

Anonymous said...

Im telling idolism is bad..Imbes na ang Diyos ang atupagin mo, wag puro media and entertainment ang ginasacrifice sa time mo.

bulitas said...

hi anonymous!
fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Hi po ms.kara sino po father ni julia?

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