The Reason why McDo is blocking the door

If you are to dine in McDonald's UPLB area, you'll probably notice Mr Big striped Ronald McDonald is blocking one of its store entrance.


Mr McDonald obviously did not just automatically walk out of the store to guard the door.

Neither did the store's security guard died because of a burger-fries riot.

Oops. Its not that Mr Striped clown wanted to smile first at his diners.

Well, it's just that a funny and at the same time embarrasing incident happened to me last tuesday.

I broke one of their glass doors.

Another additional experience to my already colorful life.

It was of course an accident.

An accident and an incident that happened because of the McDonalds LB administration themselves.

Anyway, here's a brief snapshot of how it happened.

Me and my two other orgmates saw our other orgmates inside McDonalds at around 10pm.

We went inside to check them.

After a minute, we decided to head outside.

The first time I reach for the handle of the glass door, I wasn't able to open it. So I tried pushing and pulling it simultaneously until- voila! It opened.

It opened but it pulled me as if it's as poweful as the earth's gravitational pull.

When I look up, I saw the door detached from all its hinges, and is inclined on a 45 degrees angle outside.
Of course I didn't panic. I just laughed.Laughed and was at the same time thankful that I do not act stupid that time to let go of the handle or the night will be as bloody as spilled ketchup.

Fortunately, for them, they managed to fix it the next day.

Still, the McDonalds staff there are stupid enough to put the sign: Pls use the other door
only facing one side.


Rix said...

Whoa. That's one weird experience. Maybe you just aren't aware of your own strength. Imagine, unhinging a glass door?
Gusto ko tuloy ng burger and fries. :P

Anonymous said...

wahaha! astig un! astig manira ng pinto ng Mcdo!

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