Again, wandering

Lagi kitang iniisip.
Wala nang ibang laman ang aking isip mula paggising hanggang pagtulog.
Puro na lang ikaw.
Ikaw.Ikaw at ikaw.
Pero nasaan ka? Palagi ka na lang busy sa mga ginagawa mo.
Akala ko hindi na matatapos ang pag-iisip ko.
Hangggang isang araw maisip ko na lang na tumigil na pala ako sa pag-iisip sa'yo.
Hindi na kita iniisip.
Wala na.
I was about to say I love you then but your words made me swallow my tongue deep down to my esophagus.
Your words struck me. What lingered more on me was your smile as you were uttering those sentences.
Your eyes are blank.
I felt nothing.
I am apathetic for hours.
But I have to move on.
I still love you up to this moment.
Amidst the crowd lining up for the starstruck final judgement night and the clamor of the students against the UP budget cut, I stand firm on my ground. I love you.

I don't think the relationship thing could continue, I am ,not sure about it, but I am hoping that our friendship will still remain.

Darn cliches. No bitterness on this side. Of course, I miss the closeness, the friendship, or whatever you may like to call it.
WE have been both sucked by the vacuum of our strenuous "works."
That's it. The campus really is a huge jungle of all sorts.
I never know if my roots could still hold on the mud.
A mud placed on top of a quicksand.
Don't worry I have ways to reach back to the ground.

Now I back in the forest. Alone again. Wandering but not lost. I know someday I'll meet another creature to love. In the jungle I loved a tiger, then a deer.
The tiger scratched me, the deer is just too aloof with wandering souls like me.
Well, that's about it.
The good thing is that there's still hope for the deer to come back anytime.
Hope, hope.

WARNING: These above are just strings of thoughts that just happened to cross my consciousness.
Don't be easily deceived by your naked thoughts.


Anonymous said...

hey yah... i can relate so much... grabe...ofcourse you know.. but it really is a comfort to know that someone out there is in the same dilemma that you are in... the facts may not be exact but the feelings that come with it are one... :D kaya natin to!!!

Anonymous said...

Poi ha nasasad ako. Huhu :D

Anonymous said...

Ay si ilia pala yung nauna. nakalimutan ko lagay name ko.

Anonymous said...

emo-mode ahhh

Anonymous said...

meron talagang mga bagay na hindi itinakdang mangyari, o di kaya hindi pa oras para mangyari.

mahirap maging usa.pero mas mahirap maging tao.

mahirap magmahal.mahirap mahalin. lahat sana pwedeng padaliin, pero kapag damdamin na ang humadlang,nagiging kumplikado ang lahat.

sana ang hunter at usa maging magkaibigan. para walang mamamatay, at walang papatayin.

Anonymous said...

hehe.. kaw pala ung astig na hunter. ok ung mga sinusulat mo ah. ;) nweiz.. pag nahunt mo na ung deer sana wag mo siya saktan. i try na ihunt ung deer at paamuhin, pero natakot saken. hehehe... ;p sana someday makilala ko kayo. una na ko. magtatahi pa ko ng heart ko eh! na wasak eh! she will never run away...

i slide,i grind,i flip,i ride. SK8 AND DESTROY! VIVA POXA CREW! -mac

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