To Nene

Hi there!
How are you now?
I hope you're still doing fine amidst all the adversities that you've immersed yourself into. I miss you. Don't worry, I'll be there in your hub tomorrow. Merry Christmas. Hapy New year.
Happy Birthday.
Happy 18th Birthday.
whew! Time really flies fast! I never notice that the nene that I've known before is now biologicaly turning older.
She's now turning into a full pledged woman.
Happy Birthday.
Well, this may sound cheesy but I realy want you to know that I absolutely apreciate your friendship.
Your plain bitchiness.
Your plain perky personality.
The plain you.

It's realy nice having you around. (though not literally around...)
It's been four years since I dared to embark into a very risky journey with a total stranger. I opt to travel a journey that is seemingly dangerous, yet exciting.
And I never regret that having travelled my life with her.
Though as hard as it may seem, her being "her" has actually helped me improve in a lot of aspects in my life.
ano ba to?
No, seriously speaking, Nene has proven herselfv to be really worthy of whatever hapiness that she's been experiencing right now.
No matter what people say about her, I can bravely and proudly say that I can be the one to stay right in her front and back. (for cover) What i'm trying to say, is that I can be the one to cover her when the going gets rough!

I'm just prod that I had nene as my friend.
I love you friend!
Always take care of yourself.
I'm just two hours away from Qc.

I hope our friendship flourish through time.
Don't worry, in one way or another, I'll fulfill my dream of treating you in Paris with a glas of wine.

And I'll be the one to pour the wine on your face!

Happy 18th Birthday!

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