Rants and Raves before the new year (Part 1)

I never thought that November and December would be my busiest months. All the while, I thought this semester would be relaxing for me but unfortunately, peril seems to seep its way through my veins. Much has happened. Most of them happened really fast, and up to now that a new year is dawning, I still can’t comprehend the fast pace of events that has occurred in my colorful life.

November days

November for me is the month of preparation for the Campus debate and the IVs. Tune up debates (TUDs) every night are draining up my brain cells. Hah!

December Days

December 2

This day is a really tiring day. Imagine, I have classes from 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening, and after that, I still have a debate to attend.
This is the day when our team suffered the campus stigma that the UPLB Parliament is suffering in years since their establishment.

Our team has been preparing for the event days before the competition. Lyndon compromised his thesis for the research, Louise on the other hand opt to research on the debate rather than prepare for her report on the same day. Me? I just spend quite late nights on the computer shops rummaging the search engines just to provide our team with enough evidences to support our stand regarding the motion: Dapat nating isapribado ang PNR.

I was confident in my speech. My teammates did really well. When Mikee, one of the members of the UPLB Parliament, asked me of my assessment on the debate, whether If I think we’ll win or not, I just said that I got confidence on my speech as well as on my performance, but I doubt the judges. And well, sad to say, my prophetic tongue licks the bare minds of the judges. The other team won.

Fair enough for us who have prepared a lot for the event, while the other team just had their exhibits prepared on a certain fastfood chain just hours before the competition. The other team just got their early Christmas gift.


December 9

Another Thursday. 7-7 class agony. Kitchie Nadal, MYMP and Moonstar88 went to LB for the womanagerie concert. I wasn’t able to come- Parliament training, Choir auditions for the production.

It’s nice that I had a nice chat with annabanana on the field. At least, we still get to enjoy the music of the concert without getting ourselves the hassle of inching ourselves in the thick crowd.

December 10

Doomsday. It’s the Ateneo Ivs day. It’s my first time adjudicating a debate, and at the same time my first time joining an intercollegiate debate tournament.

At least I’m lucky to get a free ride on the van that the org rented.

The debate proper started late as expected. We had one debate for the day. (actually it’s already night time) The meal is ok.

We finished late. We ended at 10 in the evening.

December 11

Second day of the Ivs. I woke up 6:30. 7 am I was already in ateneo. Teams are all geared up. I took up a glass of Extra Joss before I head to the place for extra energy.
Now I have a new name in the org-Joss!

It turned out that extra joss has given me so much energy that I happened to be really perky the whole day. We ended at 11 pm. Really tiring, but at the same time fulfilling.

December 12

sunday. Typical day. I slept the whole day.

December 13

I have a nice sleep and i am looking forward for a good day.
It's still early in the morning and people are rude.
In the MRt Santolan station elevator, most people are do not even care if you get caught between the elevator doors.
My back pack just unzipped when I was rushing downstairs to catch the HM bus. I have tyo hurry going to Lb.
Good thing my things didn't scatter on the stairs.
I have to run a few meters from the bus stop just to catch the bus.
I promise, the next year, I'll catch the bus on the bus station.
I arrived at around 3pm in LB. People from the production are bugging me.
I never imagined that this will be one of the longest days of my week.
I spend the afternoon with meranz.
Aps, kel and I had a nice dinner in Osworld.
Kel and I do Blogging.
It's so addicting we end up really Late, or rather early in the morning. Still, we haven't started our speech for our 7 am class.

December 14

FPJ died. We are still on COMSAT.
Poor manong is begging us to make our work quick so that they can now go home.
We finished our speech.
About 5am.
Quel texted me that we should have printed 2 copies of our speech.
Darn.I got up really early. Foolishly hoping that COMSat would open up early and having wishful thoughts that the photocopying centers would open earlier.
Our professor gave us a lecture regarding following rules and directions.

She then prohibits us from doing opur speech-actually, my speech..
But thanks to heaven, I still got a shot to perform, since it's the first time that we (okay, there's 3 of us- not only me! ) commit the offense. Hah!
It was Tin's birthday.
We had a blast at AVALOs' class. We rocked the house! wahaha! go groupmates!
7-7 class again.
Mam amy gave me a menacing stare and told me that we will be having a talk later.
My hunch is right.
She actually thought that I am not making any action regarding the musical aspect of the production.
Long story.
Well, I've proven my point-I hope, and stated her the reasons for the late eMail and I hope that I had my case rested already.
After class at 7, we did Carol the houses near Jamboree.
really tiring.
About 11pm.-Prod meeting with sir Joey.
WEe ended at about 12.30
My eyes are really heavy then.

December 15

I spend most of my time sleeping.
I typed my Eng 101 papers.
Night time- blogging and typing at the same time. I ended up, again, early in the morning.

December 16

I wake up early expecting a good day ahead.
I was actually feeling a little sick.
I am actually planning to impress my speech teacher.
I am (was) prepared.
I didn't expect to be the second speaker of the day.
It sucks.
I just had jitters while having my speech.
very unusual of me.
Our teacher even asked me of what I was thinking while having my speech.
I said I was just hungry.(well I am.)
But i really don't know what I was thinking.
Again. I had a long day.7-7.
I was actually having a nauseatic feverish feeling the whole day. (not so much ranting eh?!)
We watched the previous Tilamsik ng Dugon Productuion on Vcd at Mam Tantan's house.
We ended up late.
I did Zhazha's blog.
I'm proud of myself.
I got home early-for the morning.
Richard keep on inssisting that I buy him burgers.
But eventually it ended up that he bought me one.
I had to wake up early.
I have to catch up my father'sdeparture to Liberia.
I have to be in our house by 7 am.

December 17

I woke up at 8.
I rushed towards Olivarez, catching the earliest bus, and praying for delays so that I can still see my father up to the last minute.
I felt weird.
I feel then that I will be missing my father.
Cheesy, but I will miss him.
I arrived at 10:30 in the morning.
Thank heavens he was still there.
Together with abby, Charisse's mother and other relatives, and our neighbor, we accompanied my father in the Nikko Airport .(whatever it is called)
Families , especially wives, or even wtnesses, of those soldiers geared towards Liberia, unleashead a hurrying rush of tears.
Well, I didn't.
I know that my father will still return.
I know.
My father tradede his motorolla A835 phone with me.
Whew! I then have to rush transferring numbers from the phone memory of my old phone to scraps ofpaper in my wallet.
Fortunately, I finished before my father and the other soldiers left.
The plane flew away in seconds..
My father was gone.
For the while.
Oh! On this day, We found out that my grandma has complications in the heart.

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