Preconception. presumptions

Preconceptions and Presumtions

Last night, as i was watching the Jomari/ Ara Mina brake up scoop and interview, lashes of memories from the past, whether good or bad, consumed me. As crappy as it may seem, I find myself lingering again on my past moments with the "past" person that I loved.

When I can't contain the consummation with my memories anymore, I ate dinner. But it was really stupid to have the experience of getting chunks of the past each time I take a bite of my meal. Really absurd. Suddenly, an image of "her" appeared on my mind, though quite vague compared to the earlier images. I quickly got an absurd feeling that something I dread to happen may happen.

The phone rang.

A sudden glinch of fear tugged my ribcage that sends shiver down to my nerves.

Pls. Not "her." I subconsciously beg.

" Hello?!"

Suddenly my lips are nailed with each other.

I tried to fight back.

Trying to sound like her, I tried to sounnd as norm,al as I can.

We had a quick conversation.

I'm both glad and happy that she sounded as if nothing happened.

Am i dumb? no.

I can't contain it anymore.

I hang up the phone.

Afterwards, I continued eating.

I watched the tv again.

Jomari and Ara were not there anymore.

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