Living in the jungle with a Vulture and a Vampire

Vampire in Osworld
I hate to say this, but today I've been bitten by a Vampire.
I didn't get hurt. Well, I actually did get pissed. I acted as if I was a dumb masochist enjoying the bite of the nasty creature.
She almost sucked every blood out of me.
She sucked my money.
She's our landlady.
Every monthy I've been paying her the blood of my parents in return of my stay in her world (osworld). I have no choice. I have to pay her.
But this morning is different. She made me furious by not only asking for my parents' blood but also for my blood. Just by glancing at her you can already see her eyes thirsty of blood. She's thirsty of green, Blue, Purple and even gold blood.
I surrendered myself earlier.
I gave her my blood but she said it's not enough. She told me that I still owe her another bite by the end of the month.
How I wish I could get tyhe hell out of Osworld.
Oh well, I just have a couple of onths to go. She won't have her last bite! I have the Blood. she can die in thirst!


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