hungry /heart

you'll know he's baked when he starts to play that vine of a tragic basketball dunk with a laughing african american girl on the background.

that would trigger minutes of non-stop laughter while the high-pitched annoying laugh would continue to play on loop. then you could not help but look at his set of puppy eyes/ those motherfucking puppy smile.

he is eating now. i guess it is a good sign that he trusts me now. it's been days and he never asked for food. i rarely see him eat. (must be that fuckin model diet) so today must be a good day because the motherfucker finally ate something.

warm bodies is playing on tv. i am loving this film. the parody, the comedy., it is charming, it is smart. the person beside me may be charming. smart? i dunno. in any case, he is cute.

i gave him a pocky. he devoured the whole pack. he also ate sinigang. then requested for another pocky. damn he is hungry today.

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