i could get used to this, you know.

last week, a jeep stopped inches in front of me as i cross the street.

yesterday, a speedy biker almost hit me. it's like a few millimeters away from injury.

earlier today, an angry looking dude wearing a white shirt sped up his black car against the red light and almost hit me. am like a few inches from death.

holy crappy cow from timbuktu!

am super thankful that i am still alive.

i swear i am not gonna die in this country, nevertheless on the streets of downtown. nope.

dude, life is beautiful. and you know how near death experiences seemingly rewinds and flashes your life to you in a speed of life? yep, that happened.

and in split milliseconds it seemed that the shock gave my sickness the permission to leave my body.
i feel more awake, more appreciative of life and yeah, positive despite the crazy batshit things happening at my morning (yeah there's more lol)

so yeaaap. i love you. yeah, you who i first thought about and informed after the incident.
and i love my family and friends and everyone who has been in my life so far. batshit crazy or not, thanks.

anyway, mark my word, i won't fuckin die at the fuckin street.

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