year of the snake

with buckets of coffee sweat trickling down my face, i accidentally caught his face at his crotch.

at the base of the seemingly sleeping copper scale of a creature, his ID was securely pinned.

j. mangahas it reads.

his name rings a concert of bells inside my head because he is the leading proponent of the immigration reform from our school. his name is one of those names that slowly seeps into your subconscious because media force feeds it to you.

i moistened my perched lips as i traced the scaly base up the to his chest, then straight to the... fuck wait, there is no neck. the copper necktie went straight to the head.

and there i caught the head, with the actual face and his eyes immediately turned into slits, and his face transformed; very voldemort-like but definitely way hideous for any normal eyes to bear. the scaly necktie moved and wiggled. it acquired flesh, and probably bones inside, and it attached itself to that fast developing head of a serpent.

j mangahas’ jaw opened and then gave birth to two fangs the size of a regular kitchen knife.
oh yeah it opened wide enough to swallow three fat four year old kids in a second.

the forked tongue came out and greeted my face with a loud hiss.

droplets of his slimy saliva mixed with my coffee sweat. not a very good concoction.

i tried to dock, and punched him, but hell, he is fast. his jaws opened wider and he fuckin swallowed me.
and for a split nano second the world inside the orange line stopped.

books with movie tickets as bookmarks inside fly to the faces of the gossiping hispanic munchkins. it corked the mouths of the english speaking overly whitewashed filipina and it silenced the wannabe rappers who cuss and sing out loud. the act caught the faded homeless lady listening to taylor swifts never ever ever getting back together song on full volume from her boom box. it made super slow laptop that stifle the student’s productivity explodes. bottles of cancer from the tiny dude in drag fell on the floor and created a huge mess as it hits and punctured the bag of cool aids sold by the tall white guy who owns five different cellphones.

all of these, happened without anyone actually realizing it so the moment they actually got aware of the multitude of things that happened, they will be at awe, and will forever remember that seemingly fucked up moment of their life.
meanwhile, inside the serpent’s belly is a labyrinth with an imax 3d screen that flashes the related events o my life and mr mangahas’ life.

the cut the long atrocious show short, it infuriated me. it reminded me how i used to be friends with this snake and i saw how he stole my friends, my family and my mom from me. he fuckin took away all those who love me and i will raise hell inside this snake’s belly.

it took me almost a year to figure out the exit. i found an opening, probably this beast’s mouth. i climbed, made my way out, and when i finally emerged, i strangled the beast and punctured its eyes. my old grandpa taught me to slay snakes by crushing their eyes. it panicked, jolted, jerked and even made an eerie hiss. then the mouth opened wide and ate its tail.
a fuckin ouroboros.

finally, i stepped out of the orange line.

it’s the noho exit.

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