no day but today

climbing a 6 foot tall solid fence made of sharp solidified words and plucking a single white flower surreptitiously on the street in front of a public building is a feat. and just in case you’re wondering, yes, it could also be a useful skill.

sometimes i wonder why they need to cut all the parts of the bush where the flowers are. i mean, they don’t the street any harm do they? fuck. all of the white flower cuttings seem like a murky dirty monkey business conspiracy shit. why oh why would they do such insolence and violence to those poor white flowers? ahhh. they butchered the one close to the car wash. the one close to el pollo loco has been cut off. those grow that decorated the lawn of the apartments adjacent to the hospital have also been plucked and ripped from their stems. shit.

i am glad they never touched those that are guarded by the 6 foot tall wall. at least i can still grab one whenever i get the chance.

anyway, i hope they grow back soon. i mean, they haven’t really uprooted the plants. the stems are still there. the flowers will grow back.

soon it will bloom again.


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