faux ode and shits to that whose name starts with the letter k

october sumtin sumtin.

month when the deadly cold hands of the universe embraces and punches my heart until it breaks and bleeds- in frozen particles and pieces.

yeah, that was then night when bottles of blue moon summoned huge tidal waves between me and that person. it was crazy. i mean, it's like the huge tidal waves have frozen instantly and became an invisible fuckin ice wall that exclusively separates me from him.

in more than an hour (which actually seemed like thousands of fuckin slow stagnant evil sad years) i was baptized insignificant. it was as if my existence was denied the moment i sat with his friends. i did my best to break the ice. hi. hello. uhm, hey. i am here. iloveyouyoufuckinshitdontbeadicktome! but it doesn't budge at all. in that i realm, my powers are futile.

like a programmed robot, he stood up, grabbed my hand and led me towards the exit. fast forward inside his car devoid of a roof, the ice wall stood tall. it never faltered during the windy, cold trip. not a word was spoken. my fucked up questioning mind was well fucked up more. then i was dropped at the bus stop. no word whatsoever.

i remember my iced tears melting that night as i face my dad and my sister. they should never see me at this state so i veered away. turned to an alley then let the melted ice tears trickle down for a bit.

yeah, i think it was october sumtin sumtin when that happened.
cold days.
cold cold fuckin days.

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