2046 and the wtf-ness of an ever growing donut hole

the huge reason why i can totally relate to chow mo-wan's character (tony leung) from 2046 is that because we both seek unlimited ways to fill in the void. there is a fucking huge hole in his heart. so huge that it's as if a metaphysical black hole haunts his heart and slowly devours him and even the people around him.

we both lost something really important.
we both lost something beautiful.
we both lost the most important love of our lives.

rage, sadness, despair, loneliness and being so fucking emotional doesn't help at all.

boy i am fine. i am pretty sure chow mo-wan is fine as fucking hell. i mean i function, i can still smile, laugh,and walk with my head up high in the daylight. but boy the motherfucking hole seems to get bigger and bigger. how do i fill it up? oh god knows whatever i can and will do to fill in that stupid fuckin void.

chow mo-wan had sex with a bunch of women. he tries in his most desperate but really fashionable and classy ways, to put back the fragments of his long lost love- su li-zhen (maggie cheung), the woman that he loved the most.

for chow mo-wan a piece of su-li-zhen is evident and present in each of the girls that he had sex with. just a piece. he tries and tries and it is really tragic and painful.

maybe that is why i fuckin love this movie. well that's just one reason. but it is definitely one of the one huge reasons.

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