whispers of a somethin' somethin' heart

i feel like i am tony leung's character from wong kar wai's in the mood for love. remember the scenes when he would whisper something on a hole in a wall or a tree and then cover it in mud so that no one else could know about the secret he told the tree or the wall?

yeah, that whispering part. that whispering act is what i do a lot lately. what i whisper to the air, the heavens, to the universe is not much of a secret though.

in the middle of the night i would usually wake up, be on my knees and pray. i whisper, and then lately, my whispers get a lil bit louder. i dunno, maybe the universe can hear me better if it's a lil bit louder.

when i wake up, i usually find myself whispering. when i walk, i whisper. when i am at the bus, at the train, at the streets, i whisper. i whisper and pray to the universe how i miss being in the jungle with that special tiger.

it been days since i roam the thick of the forest by myself. i mean i am not really technically alone in the jungle but you know what i mean? it's that hollow feeling. it's that feeling of missing something important, something special, something beautiful and brave, and wonderful, and witty and sexy beside you. you know what i mean?

i don't have to cover my whispers with a mud. i speak it in the open. i am proud of it. if i have to scream i can and i will but i don't need to.

whispers are enough i think. i mean, i am just restating the obvious. praying hard and hoping and wishing for better things.

like tony leung's character, i am looking. i am on a quest, on a seemingly never ending challenge of finding the portal to travel back in time or to find that power to bring back lost forms of energy, or to reconnect, and find that tiger and directly whisper the words to his ears.

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