leg oh land

there are times in your life when you will realize that the things you do most of the time are lame and could be borderline stupid if you think about it too much and consider all of the factors that may lead to your conclusion that it is actually a stupid act.

but there are things that you just have to do no matter how lame and stupid you think they are.

like for instance stacking and arranging huge merchandise boxes like a bunch of heavy lego pieces at the warehouse.

it’s exciting and dangerous at the same time. you need to climb boxes, create your ladders, stack columns, shove them away, carry them, push them; it’s basically like an endless game of arranging and rearranging huge boring boxes. they are boring because they’re all brown. and when i say huge, they’re like 20x15x10 is 30-40 lbs boxes. hah!

the boxes that i was standing to earlier almost fell 3 times. i was at about 3 stories high.

i think this exercise helps if you have phobia with heights.
i mean one moment you feel like this is shitty and pointless and lame but then you realize that you just gotta do it.

this brings back the memories of that short but lasting lesson that we learned from our sociology professor in college. he said that life is a 90-10 proportion. it’s uneven. usually the 10% are the things that you only have control of. but you can always turn it around and turn thing sto your advantage. it’s like seeing things in a new way. neat. this is a perfect timing for this. :)

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